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March 11 2012

(SPOILER) Andrew Chambliss interview about the free Buffy comic book. There are also some spoilers in it for upcoming issues.

Awesome interview. I love that Chambliss likes writing Spike so much :D it makes me happy. And I adore that he enjoys seeing Georges' artwork. Us Buffy fans got really spoiled on the amazing writer/artist teams for Season 9. Gage and Isaacs consecutively deliver and Chambliss/Jeanty keep getting better and better.
It's a great year to be a Buffy fan :)
Hmmm... Buffy the Paparazzi Slayer? I wonder which Slayer she will be working with? My guess would be Kennedy, because she's probably the most well known.
I think it's so cool that Buffy was one of the shows that inspired him to be a writer. And he says this right in the middle of BtVS anniversary.

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