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March 11 2012

(SPOILER) HitFix live Q&A with Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard. The Ustream page for the EpixHD stream of the HitFix Q&A session with Joss and Drew about The Cabin in the Woods and presumably other things. I think HitFix's Drew intends not to spoil the movie in this, but I've marked it anyway to make sure people decide for themselves about watching.

If you want to wait and hear if it was spoilery, you will be able to watch it afterward.
I'll definitely have to watch afterward. The stream's very laggy here. Freezes and jumps.
Spoiler: Joss wears his handmade Equality Now shirt.
I watched a bit of it and then had my tea. Did I miss anything of note? And was that a new Cabin poster behind the three of them? The tree stump poster?
How do I watch it? It says its off air and I don't see any link or way to watch a vid of the stream.
so is it safe to watch for someone who regrets seeing the first trailer?
If you regret watching a trailer, I'd go totally dark if you're going to see the movie regardless. Queue the interviews until after.
Any one know where I can watch this? I missed the live stream
You can watch it on the link. Just click play. It's stored. Starts a few seconds in.
If anyone ever needs this again once the movie finally premiered everywhere, the main link doesn't direct you to the Q&A and it doesn't seem to be on the ustream site anymore so I found it on youtube:

The Cabin in the Woods: EPIX Live Q&A (27:42min)

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