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March 12 2012

TV shows cancelled before their time. Some big damn heroes also make the list.

Ow, how I miss shows like Firefly and Farscape... space based series just aren't around anymore.

I'm just worried that next year, Ringer would be among that list :(
I would lay serious money on a bet that Ringer won't be around next year and also won't be on any list saying "cancelled before their time." :) Some shows should be cancelled.
I'd have to agree that Ringer was disappointing after all the positive buzz. Hell, even the pilot script was infinitely better than the end product. I maintain that before we had actually seen the pilot, it looked like this show was going to be insanely good.
And this list doesn't even include Wonderfalls and Terriers...
I think Wonderfalls still tops the list for me. It was like meeting that special someone on a first date and instantly falling in love... feeling the chemistry and all the possibilities... and knowing you both felt it and it was right there... and then suddenly - BUS! Cancellations before and after have certainly hurt - some of them a lot, but I think that's the one that finally put me over the edge and convinced me beyond all doubt that I should simply expect all good shows to be killed. At least the DVDs have a great ending...
I was hoping to see Angel featured. I am watching Veronica Mars currently and still have the third season to go. I don't want it to end.
Terriers definately should have been on there. I only caught on with it after it was cancelled myself but that was one of the best series of the decade, awfull to see it get killed that fast.

Like Rashann I'm really enjoying Ringer and hope that it will continue for many more years. What I'm really worried about is Awake, Community, Parenthood, or The Good Wife making the list next year.

Loved that Farscape picture. Reminds me I should finally finish watching it sometime (I've gotten stuck twice in S3 now). Ultraviolet also sounds interesting though (I love Jack Davenport for his Coupling role).

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