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March 12 2012

Ultimate Fan Battle (round three). Alas, Firefly was beaten by Star Wars, so now Buffy stands alone against the X-Men.

Boy, Star Wars is just killing us. I suppose turnabout is fair play.
I went Buffy, although let's not forget Joss's Astonishing X-Men run. Obviously not enough to make any difference in that pairing, but an interesting little thing.
Wow, good for Ryan Gosling.
Well, we probably wouldn't have Robot Chicken Star Wars without Star Wars IV, V, VI and those Films-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named so...I guess that makes up for Firefly a little bit.

I bet it comes down to Batman vs. Star Wars. *contemplates* I kinda want to see a Batman/Star Wars story. He'd love a batsaber. Probably have his own batplanet too.
I think Star Wars vs Harry Potter seems likelier. But Buffy may surprise us all...

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