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March 12 2012

AMC Theatres' "Ultimate Marvel Marathon". Selected AMC theater locations will be marathoning Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor in 3D, and Captain America in 3D on May 3, all leading into a midnight showing of The Avengers in 3D.

That reminds me, I haven't seen any of the Hulk movies. Which one would you recommend, the "Hulk" of 2003 or "The Incredible Hulk" ?
Well, TIH is what's considered part of the Avengers canon. Me, I prefer the older Ang Lee movie. I'm in the minority.
"The Incredible Hulk".The first Hulk film isn't a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe series.
Watch them both. Each has pros and cons. I like them both, which I think is an even smaller minority. :)
You're not completely in the minority, b!x. I didn't mind the first Hulk (though admittedly I haven't seen the second one).
I personally like The Incredible Hulk better and would recommend it. However, Ang Lee's Hulk is certainly a lot more different but it's whether you enjoy the risks that Ang Lee takes with things like over the top split screens.

As Buffyfantic points out The Incredible Hulk was made by Marvel Studios, so there are all kind of references to the overall Marvel movie universe, such as Captain America and Stark enterprises. That said out of all the recent Marvel movies, I imagine The Incredible Hulk is likely the one to have any plot points continued in Avengers.
I never thought a Marvel superhero flick could be dull until I saw the first Hulk movie. It was awful. Really bad. Also gamma dogs. The Norton flick was better but not terribly memorable.
Lee's Hulk is not just awful - it was painful. I'll never forget watching the film in the theater opening night and feeling sick over watching it. I am not kidding.

Actually tried to watch it on cable recently and the pain has dulled but it was still there.
Apparently joss worked on the Ang Lee Hulk. Or advised, or something.

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That surprised me gossi cause in one interview Joss kinda bashed the Hulk movie.

"I just love the respect [Nolan has] for the character and the world,” he said. “I thought Christopher Nolan’s done an amazing job of bringing out the comic book, and I see a lot of movies [coughs “HULK”] — sorry, I had a Hulk stuck in my throat — that don’t really have the aesthetic or the pathos or really get why the comic book works.”
I like the Ang Lee Hulk movie. But I really liked how obvious it was in The Incredible Hulk that TPTB appreciated what came before. With a cameo shot of Bill Bixby & having Lou Ferigno in it, plus as the voice... But whatever. I have no ARC theaters near me. So maybe I'll email a few local theaters & see if they'd be interested in something similar.
I own all movies on DVD, except for the Incredible Hulk and I think I'll just rewatch them on my own between now and May. As spending the whole day watching 6 movies is a bit much. Especially as I think the 3D ads nothing to those movies and rather catch them in 2D.
I once sat through both Godfather 1 & 2 as a double feature at my local old revival movie palace, and it was great movie-watching experience but by the end of 7 hours, I was hungry and had a headache coming in.

I don't have the fortitude to last through SIX movies in a theater, plus I want to watch The Avengers while I'm fresh and not exhausted and headachey.
Still bitterly disappointed Norton isn't in Avengers. Hopefully the new guy can hit it out of the park.
I have them all in BD and am planning my own marathon after which I will see The Avengers in glorious 2D as sanity and good taste dictates.

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