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January 29 2004

(SPOILER) Angel 5x12 'You're Welcome' Trailer. 100th Episode, 100th Trailer. No those aren't tears, it's just dusty, and if you don't know what the spoiler is, you have some mighty fine eyes.

Yesssss! I'm so happy! That's exactly the Cordelia I wanted back.
I know that's the Cordy that should have gotten her on show not kicked off of this one - I hope the ratings blow through the roof next week and send a clear pictures to the PTB that Cordy is still Queen.
Welcome back Cordy!!! I know, I know...if only for a moment... :(
Oh, I'm going to make sure every single person I know puts their t.v. on to Angel next Wednesday, even if they're not watching.
Who else cannot wait to see the whole scene with Cordy going "What kinda bizzaro universe did I wake up in?"

Am I the only one who would like to see a lot of verbal exchanges between Cordy, Angel, and Spike. Heck just put the 3 of them in a room for an hour verbal sparing with deKnight and Goddard dialouge and I would be happy.
I automatically thought of the "I wish us into Bizarro Land..." line from 'The Wish', when I heard that.
Best Angel trailer ever.
Yay Cordy! God I miss her! *sniff*

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