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March 12 2012

Joss on Dr. Horrible 2: "We plan to be working on it this summer". Crave Online has the highlights from yesterday's Whedon/Goddard roundtable interview.

So does that mean getting it written or actually producing it.
Maybe that's the internet series he was referring to the other day.
Well, if he means the ENTIRE Summer, it could be both. I think I read a while ago they had some songs or at least ideas down. Can't wait!
Internet Series could also be Wastelanders with Warren Ellis: he was preparing to do that before the Avengers gig came along.
Hmm, I wonder if them doing an actual studio feature sequel thing is a dead idea then.
It' sounds generally like the Internet series he mentioned was Wastelanders, yeah. Certainly that's what EW appeared to indicate.
So wondering when I'll come off this high....
Oh I was all excited, and now I'm kinda disappointed (I'm sure I'll like 'Wastelanders', but I really WANT "Dr. Horrible 2" *sigh*).
But you'll be getting both, at some point here.
I just think it's great that as soon as he comes down from one of the biggest movies ever, Joss just kicks straight back into a humbling, self-funded web project. Gotta love our Over-Lord...
I reckon we'll get both this year.
I'm still in half a mind about this. I'd rather have it left alone and be a stand-alone brilliant short than have a sequel that is bad. If they can do it well, I am happy for them to do it. I'd rather have no continuation than a bad one.
I don't really get the impression that they'd do a follow up just for the sake of doing one.

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stormy_daze, why do you think Dr. Horrible 2 will be bad?
Maybe during the first break he gets on Dr. Horrible 2, he'll direct the next Avengers movie in 12 days. Y'know, just 'cause he and his wife have a vacation planned or something :p
Yay! And more Yay!
That was the most concrete bit I've heard so far about Doc 2, so yaysers! for that. (stormy_daze, why would you assume it'd be be bad? Seems an odd conclusion to jump to.)

And lawks, that was the interview for the Most Metaphorical Uses of Artistic Creation as Pregnancy/Childbirth Award.

Also, re: Cabin:

"I donít get that whole womenís rights, those feminazis as I call them... Oddly enough, Iíve seen the movie several times, there is no adolescent girl with super powers. Itís weird for me but Iím dealing with it. "

You... you... you big Joss, you.

; ]
Dr. Horrible 2.0 - or how Joss Whedon and crew plan to break the internet, Once More, (with feeling)...
*If* Dr. Horrible 2 even is an internet film. Joss did say before he wasn't sure in what media type it would be released.
I love how the headline refers to the shortest quote of the article.

I thought it was also quite interesting that Avengers is now picture locked. Only about a month and a half in advance, I figured it'd be done by now. Cool to know that a movie this big can cut it quite so close.

So I guess 2012 really is the year of Whedon.
- The Cabin in the Woods
- The Avengers
- Much Ado
- Doctor Horrible 2
- In Your Eyes
- Wastelanders

All supposedly coming out this year. That's no less than 6 projects, 5 of which are films. That's really impressive. I'm dreading the enormous Whedon drought that's sure to follow.
We don't actually know that In Your Eyes, Wastelanders, or Dr. Horrible 2 are coming out this year.
Wastelanders and Dr. Horrible will probably be released when they're ready, so if Dr. Horrible 2 is shot in the summer, it'll probably be out late in the summer. Wastelanders I'm assuming will be shot later in the year and could still see its first release this year. This is the internet, after all.

In Your Eyes will wrap in what... the next month or so? Seems highly likely they will release it in the fall, as there's no reason for a micro-studio to sit on a release for ages.
I didn't say it was impossible. I simply said we don't know it. ;)
And in that you are right. I'm just being hopeful. In any case, 2012 will still be the year I see Joss Whedon things on big screens.
Great list Mitholas, but missing is Comic-Con: Episode IV - A Fan's Hope coming out in April. It's the least Joss movie, since he only produced it, but he is still involved.

I've seen it and the way it focuses on several people who have their careers invested in what happens at during Comic-Con feels somewhat Whedonesque. It could have been someone else's idea to cover the event that way, but it makes the film a lot more personal, rather than just focusing on the event at large and what a large number of people think about it.
He only said that he'll be working on DH2 this summer.. as far as we know, the script and songs have not been written yet, so he might be talking about getting together with brothers Whedon & Maurissa and finishing the script and stuff, not jumping ahead to shooting it.

The intimation I got is that the Internet series he's going to work on next is Wastelanders. I love DH2, but I'm dying to see Wastelanders; Warren Ellis + Joss Whedon? YES PLEASE.
Didn't Jed or someone say they already wrote a few songs?
When are HIMYM and Castle not filming, carry the 1...
from the NYTimes interview with JW last year:

Oh, yeah. Weíve got several songs near completion and weíve got a very specific structure. Weíve just all got jobs. And itís not like Neil, Nathan and Felicia ainít busy either. We get together at Christmas and family occasions, and then play each other our partial songs and go, ďYup, thatís still exactly as it was the last time we played it. Weíre great.Ē Itís bad.

So they've still got to finish working out the script, complete the songs, then clear time in which everybody will be free to shoot it...
Is this where I casually lobby for John Barrowman as Johhny Snow? Because...yeah. :)
I'd rather have Seth Green as Johnny Snow. Altough seeing Barrowman and Fillion interact... Tempting.
@Mitholas, I don't think In Your Eyes will be coming out this year. Bellwether Pics has tweeted an article that mentions that they will be preparing it for the Sundance Film Festival in January next year. To me it appears that Bellwether Pictures wants to distribute IYE and "Much Ado" theatrically, which means they will need to find distributors first. Hence the festivals, probably resulting in 2013 release.
time for the celebration dance
@Mitholas, don't forget Joss' continued and hopefully expanded input in Buffy Season 9 and Angel and Faith :D

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