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March 12 2012

BBC radio 'Game Change' interview with Danny Strong. A five-minute conversation about his screenplay for HBO's Sarah Palin movie.

This interview was broadcast Sunday night on the BBC World Service, which is heard by many millions of people across the globe. Streaming audio plays in iPlayer popup box; Game Change segment starts at approximately 47:00.

Was 'Game Change' any good?
I watched Game Change yesterday, and I thought Julianne Moore knocked it out of the park. Uncanny likeness and she nailed Palin's speech patterns.

I can see why Palin wouldn't like it because it highlights her more embarrassing moments (like the Couric interview), but I thought the movie tried to present just as many of her strengths as her weaknesses. I actually ended up liking Palin MORE after watching the film, and that surprised me. The Palin featured in the film was very human, with human imperfections.

If the movie points any fingers, it is not at Palin or McCain but at the advisors who rushed Palin through the candidate vetting process hoping to capitalize on her personal story and natural charisma. Well, they got what they wanted on that front.
I concur with Saturn Girl. If anything, the film finally made me understand what it is that draws people to her.

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