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March 12 2012

115 reasons to love Buffy. Pajiba's Joanna Robinson counts down her own 115 reasons why she loves "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

Now that was written by someone who not only watched by loved the show. Wonderful stuff.
That was brilliant! Yes, very much written by a fan!
That was fantastic! Makes me want to watch the entire series over again. Right now.
Pajiba's got some good stuff.
I'm smiling soooo hard right now. Seriously, no show has ever and probably never will mean as much to me as Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Awww, lovely. Also, no. 68 FTW! :-)
(Just sayin')
This made me feel like laughing and crying at the same time. So much win. (Also, no. 29 = Phwoar!)
Someone was clearly an Anya fan. And Bangel fan.
golly someone likes it just as much as me lol!
Very sweet, not enough Tara. :-)
Great post.
There wasn't all that much shippiness, actually; there was definite Anya love.
Wow, what a beautiful list -- lots of heartfelt love.
What a nice thing to see first thing in the morning :) Thanks!
This is great, I'm happy to see "Passions" made the list. All the little references to it always made me laugh.
Sniff? Tears of nostalgia? :) Makes me wanna watch it again, but my time is very limited right now; plus, re-watching West Wing at the moment.
Feeling the warm fuzzies right about now :)
"I was 15 when “Buffy” premiered and, as idiotic as it may sound, it changed my life. I had never before (or since) interacted with a TV show on such a deeply personal level. "

This was exactly my experience with the show as well - I'm even the same age as the author. There will never be another show like Buffy for me; it was a unique time in my life, and Buffy will always have a unique place in my life. I'm very grateful for it.

This montage put a big smile on my face.
Wave of nostalgia for sure. What's always interesting to me is the ways in which our relationship with the show changes as we age/re-watch. An example; although I still love Willow and she was one of my gateway characters, as it were... on re-watch, I found a lot of her behavior to be [deep breath] self-centered and immature (as opposed to a victim of fate/circumstance making understandable choices and besieged by people who 'just don't understand'). That probably says something about where I was on first watch versus subsequent watching :). Regardless, I always find delightful/new things to enjoy when viewing episodes seen a few or many times before.
As I get older and rewatch I see the Scoobies as more immature and empathize with Giles a hell of a lot more.
I thought it was a little early-seasons focused for me, except for the Anya love :D, but is still nice.
So true, Sunfire :).
bloody brilliant. i'm gonna go home and fire up some buffy dvd goodness.
THIS! Just THIS! <3 <3

15 years, and I'm still spending days thinking/talking/breathing around Buffy. Thanks to MarkDoesStuff and his first watching of Buffy without having been spoiled. ( He's just watched "Hush"!!!!! )
Finals be damned. Buffy marathon, here I come.
I'm fifty-two now so obviously I was probably a bit older than most fans who watched Buffy from the beginning as I did.

But I'm proud to say that I converted quite a few of my fellow older demographic to Buffy during the first season.

I never get tired of watching each and every episode.
So much Buffy-love, it makes me feel warm inside. Thank you!
My sentiments exactly. Love it.
Ditto. To everything. Teary eyed. It just makes me so damn happy.

I've been out of town, so I'm behind on MarkWatches!! He's gotten to Hush!! GRRR ARRRGGH MUST CATCH UP!!!!!!

ETA: Oh, but it's not quite yet posting time for it... Still got a week *phew*

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