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March 13 2012

Drew Goddard's SXSW festival diary. A unique insight into what it's like to promote 'The Cabin in the Woods'. The article also features a rather fab pic of Joss, Drew, Bradley Whitford, Richard Jenkins, Kristen Connolly and Anna Hutchison.

He gets my undying respect for the Jacob's Ladder reference.
I was rather impressed by that too, b!X.
I do love this. SXSW seems much more like *the* media event to go to in lately (over SDCC) because of how everything seems to be done because of passion instead of marketing. Too bad Drew didn't get to stay for longer.
@Jaymii - Compared to the way it used to be, SXSW has become more about marketing and such. I'm sure that the locals would tell you that.

Loved Drew's diary. Made me hanker to go back to Austin again. Gotta see if Franklin's beats a drive to The Salt Lick.
Too bad Drew didn't get his mom's reaction to that goodbye kiss.

Also love for Jacob's Ladder.
I think that was the first movie I saw that was obviously projector framed wrong when they were showing it. During the scene in the apartment, when a guy is getting paranoid that he's being watched, the boom mike dropped into view above his head. Kinda took the audience a while to get over the laughter and back into the horror.
I liked the Time Lord references.
Gosh, I just love that Drew. Like Joss, he's a storyteller in the first. Bless him.
Znachki, Oh no doubt. Strikes me as more of a middle-ground right now though.

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