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March 14 2012

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 9 #7. You've waited a month to see what happens next. Read, and converse.


Liked the bugs making fun of Dowling. Glad he survived.

Heh, I have alien's sockets now ?

I still have to chew more on the rest, big hoard of elephants in the issue.

But I liked.
b!x had my reaction. That was it exactly. Is it next month yet?
Chambliss and Whedon have come up with new and interesting ways to crush Spike's spirit.

I loved it. And I want that alien bug ship.
IrrationaliTV, seriously. We thought the month wait would be ARGH last time?

(insert Cylon joke here)
Time to change my S9 reading strategy to accumulating at least a few issues before diving in. This one issue at a time business is going to give me an aneurysm.
Bizarre plot twist/cliff hanger for the sake of WTF is probably my least favorite moment of season 9, thus far. It's too out of the blue to get emotionally invested in. Maybe when the story resumes next month it'll turn out to be emotionally involving. And the upside is I get a month vacation from the story.

LOTS of Spuffy screen time. My 'druthers would be for it to not be such a one-way street, still. But I do love, very much, that Spike had a good speech about how he deserves more than to be the guy Buffy turns to when she's in a jam. I also love that he wants normal, and liked the idea of baby slayer-ette. I'd love for Spike's story to be heading to him becoming human somehow.
So what is the cliff hanger?

ETA: She's a robot? I think I called that two issues ago.
This is so sad. They had a deep emotional moment (not to speak of the emotional connection I've made with the character this season) and it was with a robot. I mean, Spike almost cried, pouring his heart out to a robot. And who knows how long it's been a robot?

I keep hoping this is really Buffy, with her mind stuck in a robot's body. Or that she is somewhere nice, preparing to raise the baby, having sent the robot to be there in her place. Otherwise, I'm think I would have prefered Buffy losing her real arm to this.

Also, no baby :/

But, many times before, I've thought "Man, that's a bad choice. This plot/arc will suck". and I've been wrong, so I'm holding out.

@Simon, you called it?

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Yes! (well sort of). Back at the start of February when the cover art for #9 came out.

Wouldn't it be weird if the Buffy we saw in the first few issues was actually the Bot?

Oh no, I had forgotten that cover. Real Buffy is a class-y housewife? Noooooooooooo!!! I miss the mutilation and the abortion!

Man I hope this isn't true and the cover means something else.
Consciousness!Buffy/Buffybot lost original body thus her decision regarding the baby was "taken" from her.

I am not saying anything was right or wrong just that this entity didn't get to really enact her decision.

It seems more hot topic then ever, IMO.

Of course, I am basing this on your reviews, comments and spoilers. Feel free to correct.
Didn't see THAT coming! So... when do you think the switch happened? After Buffy realised she was pregnant? Definetely after that since I'm guessing a robot wouldn't be able to get a positive pregnancy test, would it?

Where the hell is that Andrew guy??? I need answers goddammit!

@Skytteflickan88: Taking next arc's title into consideration - Apart (of Me), it does seem possible Buffy's mind ended up inside a Buffybot, with her body (and hopefully baby) being save somewhere else. Hmmm... well thought!
Wow; Just wow. I'm both excited and angry, which I think is a good thing. While this development frustrates me to no end, I also can't wait to find out what the real deal is. I think the switch had to have happened after #5; but who knows, maybe Buffybot had sex with a Dalek and she is really preggers with a robot baby who will take over the world!
I'm a bit disappointed. I really liked all of the character stuff that was going on and I kinda liked the idea that Buffy would lose an arm. After so many years I thought it was about time for her to sport a particularly devastating war wound. Now it just feels like it was all wasted. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
The Slayer's a robot! Did everybody else know the Slayer was a robot? /totally confused about robohormones now
My guess? Black out drunk = black out robotted. Yeah, that's a word. Now.

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That would mean robots pee though. It's feeling kinda Amy Pond at the moment.
Gosh. Be a complete trip if the character actually crossing over to A&F was actually Buffy then.
I wonder if it could be that it's just her arm that's robotic. But if it was, would the writers have made the characters make such a big deal of it? And left it as a cliff hanger? I doubt it, but I can hope.

I just want the pregnancy to have been real at some point, and for it to be Buffy who heard Spike's speech. Otherwise, those meaningful moments would be cheapened.
Didn't the fairy spell it out in issue 5 that she was not the one?
I think I have several thoughts... and all of them are WHAT. THE. HELL?
Followed by stunned silence.
I have a feeling that It's really Buffy, just in a robot's body while her real body is somewhere else. I highly doubt a Buffybot would know that she's pregnant. And if it is Buffy in a robot's body and someone took her real body, it would be a great metaphor on someone literally taking your body's rights away, which would tie in nicely with the abortion issue. If its this, I would love it. If this entire issue was a Buffybot and the Buffybot is now realizing its a robot, this entre issue serves no point.
*Drops to knees and "Aarrrrggghh!"*

Season 9 has managed to keep me interested and emotionally invested up to this point. But, like apollo11, I'm stunned by this latest Buffybot development. Need some time to process and dig through previous issues.

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I think Joss/Andrew know about emotional investment, re: robots/not our Buffy, because heck - Spike went through the same thing, so I wouldn't worry too much.

*Something smart about Fringe having a similar audience connect problem thing this season*
Not sure if this would be considered a spoiler now, given what we know already, but just to be on the safe side...

Shouldn't Spike have been able to tell that something was off about Buffy? I think Spike may have been about to tell her that something has changed within him (maybe when Severin was brain-sucking them?) when he was explaining that he wants "normal" now. If something about his vampire status has changed, it would explain why he couldn't sense that the bot was not Buffy.
Yeah, I'm of the opinion that Buffy is still pregnant somewhere while this Buffy-bot has taken her place. Perhaps it's even someone who is trying to stop Buffy from having the abortion by replacing her with a Buffybot and keeping her captive?

Also as others have pointed out this Buffybot is very human in her emotions, not like the previous Buffybot that was, well... very robotic with no emotions. That said we are still dealing with a Buffy who is riding inside of a bug-ship, so it could be something more in the realm of sci-fi, with an upgraded Buffybot artificial intelligence. However, I think it's more likely that Buffy is projecting her consciousness inside of this Buffybot.
I think that you can hardly apply formal logic to this kind of universe, but still.

Which brings a question: what happens to Buffy's body? Buffy's pregnant body. I bet that by the time she gets her body back it won't be pregnant anymore. Her baby will already be born and taken away.

Baby or twins. Future Melaca and Harth.

Also, Spuffy tidbits are priceless! I was so afraid that this issue they'll get a closure - but it looks like Joss plans to tease us with Spuffy prospects at least till the end of the season.

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Also I'll add that Season 9 has been really awesome so far and it's great to read along issue by issue thanks to Dark Horse digital. I see on that a new issue is out and I'm just a few clicks away from reading that issue. Also reading it quickly digitally means I can read an issue before being spoiled.

Also on top of the crazy cliff hangers there have been some really great small character moments. So yeah, so far I am really enjoying Season 9 a lot more than Season 8 and hope that it keeps up through the season.
I agree with 'Five Horizons' that's the only logical explanation at this point. She's been Buffy through and through, no weird expressions or kinks. Her mind is all Buffy her real body however? that's somewhere else. Not to mention the interaction between those two, I felt was absolutely genuine when it comes to Buffy and Spike. All in all I F$&@ING LOVED THIS ISSUE. Waiting for next month is going to sucketh much.
Does it seem like Spike might have known that she's not Buffy? I mean, he looked shocked in the panel when her arm was ripped off, but that would have been shocking anyway. I'd expect him to have more of the "WTF DOES NOT COMPUTE" reaction that Buffy's having if it's 100% surprise to him too.
Is it terrible parenting to want my Buffy fan kids to come home from school RIGHT NOW so I can discuss?! arrgghhh....

I feel better now reading thru here...I'm going with Moscow Watcher's theories & a few others that she was switched recently and is being held somewhere else preggos.

But with a Dalek baby would be cool too. ;-)
Going along with the Amy Pond theories right now.

Bizarre plot twist/cliff hanger for the sake of WTF is probably my least favorite moment of season 9, thus far. It's too out of the blue to get emotionally invested in. Maybe when the story resumes next month it'll turn out to be emotionally involving.

Completely agree with this.

The writing still leaves much to be desired. Just doesn't have that Buffy "spark" for me.

I hope that the real Buffy was somehow "there" during the Spike/Buffy conversation. It is beyond time that, to whatever outcome, their relationship finally moves on.
I stopped reading the comics cause season 8 piled up but i plan on reading it when its released in collections. So i've been living off all your reviews can someone write me a good one? i like keeping up with the story just cant collect anymore lol
Well. I can only echo b!x's "Whahuh?" That's all I have. *hands*
Awesome issue. I'm hooked. This is the pulpy-awesome-genre-character goodness that the Buffy comic should be.

I've got a theory. I agree there's some reason to think that the switch occurred recently, after the pregnancy test, but I don't NECESSARILY think we can rule out an earlier switch. Does anybody remember the Joss interview in which he cautioned people not to judge Buffy for blacking out and having sex, explaining that we just don't know the whole story? What if she was a Bot when it happened and under the control of someone? We know Bots can have sex, so . . . . Nyeh, something isn't right there.

Whatever. Does anyone have a theory that she's been a Buffybot the whole time (at least of S9), a la Austin Powers 2? Or what if they do a HUGE retcon a la Peter Parker/Benjamin Reilly and say that she's been a Buffybot for YEARS?

How the mind boggles! I know this is all farfetched but so was her being a Buffybot in the first place, no? (By the way, huge kudos to Simon and anyone else who saw that one coming.)

And the best part. Despite all this wonderful Season 9 silliness, they haven't lost sight of the characters! I certainly feel like I know and care about them a lot more than I did in Season 8, and maybe even more than in some of the later TV episodes.

(ETA: By the way, my only minor complaint about this issue is that I didn't think Buffy needed to confront Spike so quickly about his feelings for her. First, it felt a little rushed and not especially consistent with her character, and how she's previously dealt with the feelings between them. Second, the whole ensuing discussion felt a little too spelled-out and literal (too much tell, not enough show). Third, I might have preferred them leaving some things unspoken and draw out the tension a bit.)

Of course, this minor criticism falls away in the wake of the big Buffybot reveal! Wonderful.

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Doesn't the switchout for Buffybot have to have been post-siphoning? I mean, surely Severin can't siphon squat from a robot.
thanks to whoever posted about the digital copies cause im all caught up and wow. Im not a big buffy/spike fan but i know alot of happy spuffy fans. I think the fairy and willow transferred buffys dreamspace into the buffy bot during her dreams. There was alot about dreamspace early on. maybe her body is underground being taken care of by the fairies. Im so glad she didnt really lose her arm!

But i hope she does have a baby AND unlocking the key is killing dawn. Doing it with the Scythe will make the world as it was before she was created. Her creation Altered the buffyverse almost like an alternate dimension so killing her is like destroying Anyas necklace in The Wish.
I have Buffy S9 # 7,"On Your Own part II of II."

I have a mixed reaction to the issue.

On the robot front.I think this could be interesting.Right now there are two major questions.

1)Is this a Buffybot that thinks it's Buffy or is it Buffy's consciousness.inside the robot?

I think the answer could go either way at this time since I don't think this issue gives enough to jump to either possibility yet.I suspect we might get this answer next issue.

2)When did the switch happen?

Again,I don't think we can jump to any conclusions yet based off issue 7.I think that answer is coming if not in the next issue specifically then at some point in the next arc.

No matter what these answers are I'm sure Andrew is involved.We saw him working on a robotic arm in issue 3 and the next arc sounds Andrew centric based of the solicitations.Plus the Noto cover for issue 8.

How this effects the pregnancy plot I have no idea.It could of been resolved in this issue or it might not have.I think that will depend on the answers to the two above questions.

I liked the bits with Dowling and the bits with bugs.Also the bit with Dowling and the bugs.

As for the Buffy/Spike stuff.It's hard not to let my ship biases influence my opinion.I'm a Buffy/Angel shipper and I'm not a fan of spuffy so that stuff really doesn't do much for me.Since I'm not rooting for the relationship as a romantic pairing,this issue as whole wouldn't speak to me hence the mixed reaction.

I do think it's Jossian that Spike might of just poured his heart out to a robot and if Buffy's mind isn't in the bot,than everything in this issue was not to the real Buffy.That really does feel like a thing Joss would pull.

So a eh reaction from me but I think the bot thing could be interesting.
The issues feel more and more like the T.V. show to me, and I LOVE it.

Although I've liked Spike/Buffy before, and I really am starting to love it now. I am so proud of Spike. I'm so glad he actually told Buffy that he would treat her great and give her what she needs. I just think he's matured so much as a character.

And I'm so glad they didn't leave all of this until the end of Season 9.

I disagree with Squishy on this one, I don't think it felt rushed. I really do think if this happened in the T.V. show, Buffy and Spike finally have a moment, something crazy would happen soon after. That's their lives! haha.

I love Dowling, I think the bugs are hilarious... I need the next issue -- NOW!
I notice now, responding to myself, that Severin's words when making to siphon Buffy are; "Wow... that spark's different." Which, brilliantly, tells us absolutely nothing.
Hold on. What?

I haven't even read what anybody else has said about this issue. I just had to voice my complete and utter confusion.

I say again. WHAT?

ETA: As Sunfire pointed out, there's a really big Amy Pond thing going on here. Not really her, her real body might be somewhere else and pregnant...

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Oh my god, mind frakked. This issue was wonderful, I seriously love Season 9 so much. I hope that Andrew didn't do this to Buffy without asking her about it, especially considering she chose to have an abortion. If Buffy has been forced into carrying out the pregnancy against her will, I will be all kinds of icked out. :-/
@Sunfire Maybe robot Buffy just thought she peed on the stick and saw the pregnancy test. She tricked herself. Could be she was made to fool herself. How would she otherwise have gone through with a scraping? Unless she was very realistic...

@Simon But the fairy admitted that she was the one, that the fairy had discovered she had been lied to.

@Moscow Watcher Dude, no, spoilers!!!

Or do that not count as spoilers? Is mentioneding future covers spoilers? Did I spoiler as well? Are we allowed to do that? I'm unsure about the rules.
Info regarding an upcoming comic book would be a spoiler. If you feel the need to talk about, use invisible text. I'll try and catch any spoilers and make them invisible.
I think that OneGirlInAllTheWorld's comment has a spoiler about the cover to #10.
Is anyone all that concerned that Andrew is apparently the smartest human being in the world- not only can he create robots that look so much like humans that they fool humans and the vampires that eat them, but he can maybe transfer actual human consciousness? Deus ex machina!
All I can say is , wht the hell!? I'll give the writers kudos, some of us predicted the bot but te way it is revealed opens up more questions. Can wait till next month!!!!
I liked the issue! I hope her roomies try to get her back. And I'll always love Spuffy, and I love what happened with them here, but I still wish Spike had stayed moved on, from when he did in The Girl in Question. I just thought that was a big leap for his character, and we've backtracked. The last scene between them got a bit too cheesy for me too, so I'm glad it got interrupted by the shock! It was a nice way to end the arc. But it was totally a mindfuck! I'm very curious.
I'm gobsmacked, and I think I have to reread all of S9 from the beginning before I can formulate my thoughts (and maybe I just need to wait a month for the next issue...).
I... uh. When I read this, earlier today, it really upset me. I just... no. But the speculation here makes me feel a bit more cheerful-- I wouldn't mind some of the proposed possibilities so much. It does seem that Buffy's actual consciousness is in there, yeah? Which makes me feel better about it all. The idea that everything that has happened so far has been a giant mislead is just depressing, but if it's Buffy...

I think it's plausible (though I say that somewhat ironically) that she was body switched during the blackout (hello mysterious neighbor, I think you are relevant here)-- and if that's the case, then the robot certainly pees and such like or she would know she wasn't real. It explains the blackout, Severin's reaction, and the fairy's initial insistence that she was not the Slayer. It could also explain why Dawn and Xander weren't more concerned about her and have chosen to distance themselves from her. They would certainly be way squicked out by the whole thing, especially given their unhappy history with the original bot. Aaaannd ha-ay, what if it was (real) BUFFY who was staying on their couch?! I still maintain that they were lying about the whole "we're fighting" thing. In any case, in this scenario, which I've just completely sold myself on, the ROBOT (which contains Buffy's mind) is pregnant, and Buffy is not. Why not? Is a pregnant robot so much less plausible than anything else?

If nothing else this elaborate fanwank cheers me up. I'm not a fan of the pregnancy storyline or the robot (yet) but I like this all okay.
"Spike, I'm a fucking robot!" Heh. How cool was that? And right in the midst of a heavy-handed abortion story?? Great stuff.

Not sure why the Buffy-bot reveal works so well for me. It's completely ridiculous and out of sync with the tone of the story. But I guess that's one of the things Joss does best. Mixing together tragedy and absurdity in ways that don't make sense, but somehow do. Like Penny's bloody death at the end of an otherwise lighthearted underdog comedy in Dr. H. Or making a musical Buffy episode that ends up dealing some of the show's darkest themes in OMWF.

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I think the switch happened in this issue.

Buffy changed her clothes between:

"Did you called the doctor?", "Yep. Tomorrow"

"Is this all the closet space you have?"
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"My limbs feel screwed on wrong." -- Buffy, 9.1, Freefall.

Whole new meaning, that.

Favorite issue so far. Right mix of unforced humor; great character interaction between Spike and Buffy, including some beautiful close-ups of tearful Spike; and a real shocker of a shock twist.
Nice catch, 1starbuckstown.
I've heard Joss speak so many times, I can just imagine him saying "Buffy makes this super hard decision, one of the hardest she's ever made, where she and Spike share this intensely personal moment... aaaaaaand then there's robot to deal with, because I'm like that, with the unexpected robot and all."

This is totally like a Joss story, even if it wasn't written by Joss.

Next month: "Spike, you made me into a robot? Again?!?"
Kudos, Joss. You promised a more personal and relatable Buffy in Season Nine and you delivered. And in today's world, with the old white men of Congress deciding what women can and can't do with their bodies you had the bravery and audacity to address the topic head on. Using Buffy -- our wonderful, powerful and flawed heroine that we've followed for the last 15 years you made us reflect on our own political and social prejudices and preconceptions as Buffy made the serious, heartwrenching choice to have an abor -- wait, Buffy's a robot ???!!!
Okay, that was ... strange.

My guess is we're going the Amy Pond route here: this is Buffy's actual consciousness in the robot body, and Buffy's body is somewhere else, getting on with the pregnancy. But who could have switched her? And why?

Not remotely what I expected from this issue.

Also: did anyone else laugh out loud when her arm was ripped off? Maybe this is just one of the occasions when I'm callous and strange--but it seemed like such a self-parody moment. After years of angst, two people finally express feelings for each other--they look like they're about to kiss, and--bam! one of them loses an arm!
Well, such a moment can be very disarming.
bwahahaha! nice.
I think it was Buffy's full aware decision to transfer her conscience into a bot (with Andrew's help and Spike knowing about it). Also not to remember that she's in a mechanical body and that's why Spike treats her like she's still pregnant for example. Probably in the next issue we'll find out that the body will be stolen (by Simone).

Why? I don't know. To test Andrew's new toy just for one night thing, and she was already very tired from packaging all those boxes, give her body a rest.

So to me it sounds more like a Dollhouse thing (storing and transferring) than the Amy Pond thing (cloning)
I laughed too erendis. I felt bad for Spike and for Buffy... and then I giggled at their dismay in the face of ridiculousness. It can be pretty funny to turn the emotion on a dime like that. Especially when it's to say PYSCH YOU ARE A ROBOT WHAT OH NOOOO.
Is this some kind of metaphor to express the inhumanity of abortion?

Does this mean Ted was actually Buffy's REAL father?

Will robot Buffy burst into a refrain of "Going Through the Motions"? "I canít even see if this is really me and I just want to be alive"

I'm confused...
Is this some kind of metaphor to express the inhumanity of abortion?

Or on the flip side if someone is hiding her body while she has the pregnancy, it could be a metaphor of politicians taking away the choice of abortion from women. It's possible that Buffy might have to fight, literally fight to keep that choice.
What did she mean when she said "I guess this means I'm not pregnant"? Does she mean the robot body is not pregnant or that Buffy herself is not pregnant? And how would she know?
I hope the body switch took place before the black out at the party, because I'll be kind of disgusted if her body is lying somewhere pregnant a la Cordelia in Angel Season 4.
This was a WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot!?!? moment. I can't wait until #8.
... Is Cheung okay?
W. T. F.

And not in a good way. The alien space bugs give me a headache to begin with. Sorry to those who like the bugs, IMHO they are second in stupidity only to the entire "Twilight" arc. Robobuffy just feels cheap and cowardly as it stands, considering what millions of American women are now facing at the hands of our political system. Feels like Joss just threw it away. Doonesbury OTOH showed real chutzpah this week.


I may have to stop reading Buffy. "This is just disappointing as hell."
How are we to believe that Spike, whose preternatural senses and previous experience with the Buffybot must enable him to detect that the current Buffy is a robot and who has just professed his continuing love for Buffy, (a)didn't get it until her arm was torn off and (b)seemed rather bemused than horrified by that?
And since magic is gone, how did her consciousness get stuffed into this device (Rossum corp resurrected and moved to SF, Andrew suddenly becomes Topher despite no previous indication of any geek capacity other than a star-wars figure fettish)?
Well, this is the first time since S8 began that I've actually managed to get to read an issue in a timely fashion and therefore comment in a thread while everything was still relevant. It'll probably take another planetary alignment to make it happen again. When's the next one?

Anyways...loved it! It feels like the Buffy template to me.

I think a little caution might be in order in assuming anything about where this story is going. It takes about four issues to tell the equivalent of one tv episode worth of story. That means that this particular story is only at it's second act break. Joss and Co. have consistently turned out stories that were not what they seemed, that ended up in a different place from where they started, and that honored difficult material (Willow's sexuality, Joyce's health/death, Buffy's death, etc.) over many episodes. There is no reason to think anything would be different with something as serious as Buffy's pregnancy and choice of abortion.

Of course it sucks that in an episode with an act break, the most one had to enure was the three minutes of commercials to find out where the story was going and this is going to take a month or two. It can be a little frustrating. And personally, I doubt that two more issues will see the end of this plot entirely. I really expect even more questions will be raised. (Such is the nature of plot.)

Oh. And count me in as one who is bothered by the Spike scent thing as well. (Tracked her across town in Touched by scent, but can't figure out it's a robot?) But... there were a lot world building inconsistencies over the years ("I have no breath." Hel-lo?! Talking? Smoking?) and I've lived through them, so I'll probably be okay if they don't explain this one as well. ;-)
... Is Cheung okay?

Yeah, um, can someone please answer this or maybe just ask it a little more? AHEM, CHARACTER DEATH.
Personally, I believe Spike (along with the rest of the Scoobies), has known all along-- thus his lack of surprise. If Real!Buffy's consciousness is in there, it would make sense for him to disregard that-- and would add to his shock at her pregnancy, all of which fits.

I doubt anyone's going to answer the Cheung question, since we HAVE NO WAY OF KNOWING. I wondered about this too though; it seems impossible that she might have survived.

These comics become more and more unpleasant. Before Twilight and Angel's character assassination, then A&F and this new failed, broken, suicidal Angel, seriously blamed even by the editor and writers and now this Buffy, whose body and brain are separated, and she is alienated from herself as a whole human being.

I agree with Scoffing at Gravity, the alien space bugs give me a headache.I feel sick. They are disgusting. Cockroaches! A vampire who lives in a spaceship full of cockroaches and our heroine is there with them. And one of them loses a leg!

"Sorry to those who like the bugs, IMHO they are second in stupidity only to the entire "Twilight" arc.

baxter-I think this is one of those instances where a vampire's preternatural senses gets ignored for a plot point. Besides, Spike's couldn't even tell the real Buffy from the Buffybot at the end of Intervention. (Until Buffy kissed him)
Maybe, menomegirl, but he was thrashed during that Intervention scene so I can get that one. Ongoing lack of detection for weeks (perhaps), not so much. So, yeah I guess it will be revealed that he and maybe other (but not Buffy?) knew about it.
Y'know what? As much as I hate to admit it, I think I'm going to have to agree with Scoffing at Gravity, aradia and the rest that have had their suspension of disbelief button pressed just once too much now. I've tried to ignore the little voice inside that has been screaming 'Really??? about the Buffybot reveal, but the more people I read saying how ridiculous this plot seems to them, the more I find myself not being able to argue.

I've said before, season 9 overall is feeling much more like 'Buffy' to me than season 8 ever did, at least in terms of the characters. It helps having Spike around, given that he was always my favourite character on the show, but even that is slightly damaged by having him playing Captain James T. Vamp of the Starship Cockroach. I wasn't thrilled with the inclusion of that idea in either the IDW Spike series or Buffy season 8. The whole 'what-exactly-is-Twilight-anyway?' plot was hard enough to get your head around without having an interdimensional starship thrown into the mix. It was just a step too far. And I think the Buffybot idea is the exact same thing in season 9. Maybe even a leap too far this time. Too much, too fast!

My problem is that I just can't reconcile this story with the tv series now, which is probably what that little voice inside has been telling me for a while. It doesn't fit anymore. When I think of Giles, for example, he's not dead anymore. The story has reset itself to the last scene of Chosen, with him alive and well alongside the rest of the gang. Suddenly the events of the comics have been cancelled out for me and I'm not entirely sure that I can reconnect the threads. Or I'm not entirely sure that I want to, at least.

Basically my slayer is now a possibly pregnant robot with detachable limbs, considering an abortion whilst living on a bug infested spaceship. That isn't the show I fell in love with. I do trust that Joss has an idea in play that will make some sort of sense of the randomness of what I've just said, but it's going to have to be something pretty spectacular to get me to really accept the comics as anything more than a highly exaggerated possible future for the Scoobies, post-Chosen. A 'What if Buffy's world went kinda nuts?' deal. Otherwise I may well end up leaving the comics behind altogether and letting my Buffyverse story end with Not Fade Away, which would be a shame because I really wanted to love the comics.
The way I felt watching Buffy's robotic arm come off is about how I felt when I watched CGI monkeys with matching pompadours teach Shia Lebeouf how to swing on vines through the jungle.

I'm not wired to try to pretend part of Joss' own version of the story doesn't count or didn't happen, but it definitely doesn't stop me from wishing it.

But for all the robot business, I think I was more annoyed at Dowling's wildly inconsistent characterization, and the fact that they dropped Cheung into a plot hole and never even mentioned her. Not a "help my partner, she's still out there!" with Buffy solemnly assuring Dowling there's no way she's still alive, nothing.
"These comics become more and more unpleasant. Before Twilight and Angel's character assassination, then A&F and this new failed, broken, suicidal Angel..."

And suddenly I'm so painfully bored... Do we need this repeated every single time a new issue is in? I mean give it a rest once in a while.
That's pretty much my problem too, KoC. If I was one of those people that could easily choose to go the 'personal canon' route and ignore the fact that the comics exist altogether, I'd probably be happier to just let them go right now. It's only the fact that I'm a firm believer that Joss decides canon for Buffy that has kept me reading this far and therefore, whether I like it or not, Buffy's a robot now!

And I'm still not ready to give up on the story yet. I'm really hoping that at the end of season 9 I'll be able to read the whole run again and say that despite all my doubts, Joss did it again. It will take some seriously good writing to make these latest events fit my view of the Buffyverse and allow me to reconnect the dots between series and comics, but I'm more than willing to be proved wrong. Love Joss, love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, just not recognising it right now.
I love Spike's bug ship. It reminds me of the Millenium Falcon and the African Queen and Spike has a kinship with Han Solo and Charlie Allnut: slightly raffish, snarky but good guys at heart.

And imo there is a lot of potential storywise for Buffy's soul and mind being trapped in robot while her body is somewhere else. I think Joss is aiming for something that has to do with the current US political fight re abortion and birth control and also on a personal level for Buffy, get to the heart of Buffy's self doubt about being a good human and her fear that her only worth is what she can accomplish with her super powers.
I'm reminded of Patton Oswalt's reaction to George Lucas continuing the Star Wars franchise.
ACK! Wrong thread.

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Spike can smell Buffy across town, but he couldn't smell she was made of metal and plastic? Does he have a cold?
Maybe he's a robot too?
He did mistake the real Buffy for the Buffy Bot back in 'Intervention'.
Finally finished my review for this issue. Check it out on my BLOG if you're interested in reading it.
Less than a dozen panels with... Well, whatever this is... and already people are condemning it after a solid start to the new season. That's it! I'm done! Screw this! After a dozen panels and ignoring the chance that the story might explain things in a clever and interesting way, I'm DONE! ./RAGEQUIT

Wow. People are really like this? With Buffy of all things?

Seriously, no wonder we can't have nice things like Dollhouse nowadays. Patience is a virtSCREWTHATIWANTEVERYTHINGEXPLAINEDRIGHTNOWORIGIVEUP!
Don't know what to think anymore.
I hated the overdose of fantasy that S8 had. And I thought S9 will be more grounded...
I felt disappointed when I saw the spaceship and the bugs back (even if I laughed at some of their lines this season). Come on, a spaceship and aliens in Buffy? That's NOT the Buffy I know, sorry.

And now we're facing a possible mind/body swap? So now we add hard sci-fi to the fantasy fairy world? I'll always love Buffy and whatever Joss does, but that's lame.

And it hurts, because just now I've read all the seven issues back-to back and I really LOVED them, because they felt grounded (well, except for the fairy and the leprechaun).

I won't stop reading, of course. I won't give up on Buffy ever. I kept faith on S8 and at the end it felt pretty no sense and disappointing at all, but I will keep faith on S9 too. I hope time will prove me wrong this time.

I hope some day someone will remake the comics into a miniseries that ties Chosen with Fray. I like the idea behind the "a world without magic" plot, but not how they're doing it. It's not that without the comics the Buffyverse feels incomplete to me (well, except for Not Fade Away, I'd like a coda to that, but not the one provided with After The Fall). I can imagine my own version of how we go from point A (Chosen) to point B (Fray), of course, but I'd like Joss to give it to me, and that's why I hate to accept this comics as canon, because they are, and I don't like what my favorite Tv show has become.

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