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March 14 2012

The ultimate fan battle (round four). Buffy takes on Harry Potter.

Oh no. You can't make me choose between Buffy and Harry. You just can't. *brain explodes*
Well Buffy has had a good innings so far.
Uh, Oh! Buffy is losing...
I don't even know if it counts multiple votes but I'm going to keep voting just in case.
Supernatural was beating the Muppets when I voted, which is the stupidest thing ever.
Yeah I'm sorry but out of all those things listed Supernatural clearly has the least fans. Do shows even get more than 2 million viewers on CW?

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All are pretty close right now, but I think it'll definitely come down to Star Wars vs Buffy/Harry Potter depending on who wins it. Just don't mention this poll to any HP fans!
Probably in the minority when I say this but I can't stand anything Disney, Muppety or Star Wars-y, so those choices were no choice at all. I'm a massive Supernatural fan so the only way it wasn't getting my vote was if it had ended up facing Buffy.
I'm torn. I love Buffy but i also love Harry Potter.

@eddy: Supernatural is very popular worldwide. They did an Anime version in Japan and they held big fan conventions in Spain, Italy, Australia...It has one of the most rabid fanbase out there. Just look at the number of fanfictions, fanarts,... They won the TV Guide poll for the cover and plenty of People Choice Awards. The US DVD sales are stronger than shows like Castle, Community, Fringe or NCIS. And don't forget that the show has reruns on TNT every day of the week.
A Big Bang vs. Buffy final round would be interesting.
Hey look, Buffy's in the lead! (just)
Just voted in this ridiculous poll:
50.5% Buffy
49.5% Harry Potter

Interestingly, my "enter code shown below" was SUMMERS. Coincidence? I think not. (queue menacing music...)
Given every choice is binary, being knocked out in the first round is as good as coming second. The only result that matters is the winner.
I think your champion gets decided next round. I can't see Supernatural, Disney, BBT, or the Muppets having the type of fandom to take on either Star Wars or Buffy or 'Arry.

I'm shocked by Adele a little bit. Only because I don't think two albums really qualify you to be on the same level as Star Wars, Buffy, or HP. That is very much a current phenomenon.

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Buffy winning by 1.6% right now. PleasePleasePlease!
The Supernatural fans may not have the numbers but they have persistence in demonstrating their adoration. This new SPN fan thinks it's awesome.

Just as I couldn't choose between the band that gave the world Here Comes the Sun, I cannot choose between the two chosen ones.
Buffy is now up by 2%!
Voting for Harry. I grew up with that fandom and it will be first in my heart for the rest of my life.
It's unfortunate that Buffy and Harry can't be the final two. It would be battle of the fandoms that never win major awards!
I picked Buffy because it was the right choice. Not the easiest choice, but the right one:)
Big Bang Theory is beating Disney? Seriously?
Voted. Buffy is at 51.8%.

Also, Supernatural (62%) is creaming The Muppets. That is just nuts.
I agree... The Muppets are actually a cultural landmark. Supernatural is a great show, but outside of the fan base it's not even close. Still, it is the fan base that is voting. Like the Beatles being out early, the Muppets' fan base is not currently rabid enough to survive current random fanbases.

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As of now it's 52.2% for Buffy and 47.8% for Harry.

And, much as I hoped for a Buffy-related captcha, I had to make do with "bucket"...:)
It's not fair. I love Harry & Buffy.

In the end I went with my first love. So Buffy it was. And my captcha was 'neck' ;-)
I love Harry Potter, but it feels much less "relevant". Last time I rewatched Buffy with my girlfriend (who didn't know it much), we felt that almost every other episode was a commentary about ourselves. And it was also the case 15 years ago when I was in high school. I'm pretty sure, I'll still be getting something out of it when I'm retired.
Buffy for me, all the way. I'm afraid I'm not much of a Potter fan.
Slam dunk easy! Buffy!
voted for Buffy, was never a Harry fan. was a little shocked Adele was beating Star Wars, at at the time of my voting.

and also my code word thingy was "join"
Star Wars is beating Adele now, but still, I like Adele a lot, but there's no way it should be as close as it is!!

And I love Supernatural, not as much now as seasons 1-5, but... Against the Muppets?! REALLY?! *sadface*
I'm definitely voting for Buffy, and she seems to be pulling out into the lead. What is confusing me is that Adele is just about tied with Star Wars (so strange), and I can't believe that the Muppets are losing to Supernatural!

Oh I'm also supporting Big Bang Theory; I love a lot (maybe 44%?) of Disney, but they can also be thugs in protecting their trademarks & copyrights, and they've made a lot of really boring/hackneyed stuff. I cannot love Disney (even though I seriously love Disneyland).

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