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March 14 2012

Saga #1 debuts today. Buffy comic writer, creator of Runaways and all-around Joss Whedon fan, Brian K. Vaughan debuts his new series "Saga" today.

Saga tells the super weird story of magic goat man and a sciency fairy lady and their baby as they travel the galaxy trying to out manuver the hordes of "people" trying to kill them.

Just fair warning, there is weird robot sex involved in this comic.

I've been waiting for this since it was announced and for 2.99 I was not disappointed. If you're reading Buffy, Angel or any other Whedonesque title do yourself a favor and get this title!
Really fantastic first issue, well worth picking up .
Brian K. Vaughan's writing is great as usual and I was really impressed with Fiona Staples' artwork, who before Saga I had never heard of her before. Incredible start and I can't wait to see where this series goes.

Also for anyone who doesn't live near a comic book store, or just likes reading comics on an Android tablet or iPad, it is available as a digital comic.

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Soooo good. It's off to a great start!
Nice nice nice. Might pick this up tonight.
Looking forward to reading it. BTW it's spelt Vaughan. :)

ETA - and if digital comics float your boat, you can buy the first issue here!

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I was thrilled to get this today, it is a great beginning and I know I'm going to enjoy the series (looks like a really promising fantasy/sci-fi adventure!).
Wish I had known about this when I stopped by to pick up my Buffy #9.
REALLY loved this. Pick it up.
I'm a HUGE BKV fan. Think I've read most everything he's written, including his brief run on the (almost as short-lived) Mystique series for Marvel. I'm surprised he has time for a whole new series. Isn't he doing an adaptation of King's Under the Dome for HBO?
REALLY enjoyed this. What a wacky bunch of fun stuff mixed together. Lovely art. I could actually see and follow what was happening. Fiona Staples has a very good hand for expressions and draws wonderfully unique faces. Love the hand lettering. I could really hear the "voice."
Anyone know if i can get this digitally, and if so, where?
You can get it digitally here, apparently. I haven't tried it myself. It looks like you'll have to open an account.
Thanks for the note, I need to pick this up.
Ah, cool. I've loved BKV's work for ages. Y: The Last Man is still easily my favorite comic book of the last few years, but also fell in love with his Ex Machina and, of course, his run on Runaways. Wasn't a bit surprised when he turned out to be a Whedon-fan and became a writer for S8. Joss and BKV's styles are a natural match. I'll be sure to pick this up. Too bad my local comic shop stopped ordering single issues, unless someone pre-orders them, but I'll be sure to get them to back-order this one, and put it down alongside my Whedonverse subscriptions.
ooo I've been wanting to try a new series. And yep, looks like I can buy the digital version at the Image Comics site through my Comixology account.
This was really fun. I can't wait to see where it goes.
Haven't read it yet, but just wanted to announce my complete lack of surprise that something BKV is writing is off to a good start. The man knows what he's doing. Checking for the digital version now...
Read and loved it! BKV you have been missed.

Image Comics is really on a roll these days. They seem to be launching great new books every month.
Kaan, what else have you liked? Have you tried Thief of Thieves? (I missed that one.)
Missed Thief of Thieves as well. Not sure why. Anyway, new comics picked up in last couple of months (so they only have 1 or 2 issues out):

Fatale by Ed Brubaker. Noir. Pulp. Supernatural. I love noir so this is definitely my favourite new comic at the moment. There's been 3 issue so far.

Peter Panzerfaust by Kurtis Wiebe. Peter Pan set during occupied France of WW2. Kinda weird, but I'm a huge Peter Pan fan so...

No Place Like Home by Angelo Tirotto. Looks to be a re-telling of The Wizard of Oz. The cheesy cover of issue #1 (in which a girl is holding open her jacket to show us her cleavage) almost made me not pick this one up, but I did because it looked to have an actual female lead character. And I really enjoyed it!

The Manhattan Project by Jonathan Hickman. Oppenheimer. Evil twins. Secret government projects. It was alright.

Hell Yeah by Joe Keatinge. Not really sure about this one. It's a superhero book, about a world in which super-people are common. Might give it another issue or two.

Whispers by Joshua Luna (of the Luna Bros.). This one came out a while ago, but there has only been one issue so far. About a guy who can kind of "ghost walk" and can influence people he knows by "whispering" to them. I love the concept and am interested in where Luna takes it and how far he goes with it.

One from Dark Horse I've liked is The Strain, which is an adaptation of the Del Toro novel. Good horror comic.

There's also one that just came out from Vertigo called Saucer Country by Paul Cornell, who wrote one of the best Doctor Who episodes ever. Haven't read it yet but it's about a female Mexican-American Governor, who's running for President. And there's also aliens.

There's a lot of awesome looking new comics launching over the next few months, so it's pretty exciting for a comic fan.

But I have found that a lot of new comics usually start out real good, but then kind of fizzle away within a few issue (Orchid from Dark Horse for example, or nearly the entire New 52 from DC) so hopefully a few of these will keep up the quality.
Kaan, sorry I'm so late in thanking you for the recs. RL ensued. *sigh* (And bless CBR. Image Comics' site sucks.) I'm really not a horror fan, but I think I'll have a look at:

Peter Panzerfest. The art especially looks interesting. Not sure about the war bit, (having a really hard time with that stuff right now) but I think I'll give it a try.

No Place Like Home. I'm glad you said the the story was good because that cover is an absolute total turnoff for me. (I'm SO very tired of breasts being the end-all-be-all point of almost every female depiction in comics.) I'll have a look.

Saucer Country. Something different sounding!

My last batch of series trials was a total zero, so this is great. Thanks!

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