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March 14 2012

The Japanese trailer for "The Avengers" debuts on Yahoo! With new scenes! And no dubbing!

Wait, Japan doesn't get it until August 17th? Geez, that sucks.

On the trailer - AWESOME. As I think we all have come to expect.
Probably the best trailer so far - wish it had been one of the US ones.

@Break_Atmo Yeah, it does. But the US is getting it after almost every other country, which makes no sense at all.
Should've been a worldwide release. I think I read somewhere that its being released early elsewhere because of soccer?
Official apologies to the Marvel publicity department for my complaints, they are rolling out some awesome stuff in the lead up to the release. This movie is going to be HUGE. Huge. No, let me say it again with the caps. HUGE.
Hawkeye and Maria Hill both speak! Sweeeet!! I'm so pumped for this movie.
Ahhh! I watched half of the trailer and then turned it off. I think I'm quickly reaching the point at which I have to start protecting my virgin eyes from too much spoiling.
Love it. I don't feel at this point I'm really getting spoiled. Most of what they keep adding are components of the same scenes. I agree if you see too much you may start envisioning the trailer when you see the real thing though.

@waterfallbooks - I'm not sure what's happened in recent years, but the trend on a lot of big properties is to open foreign first. I'm not sure why that is, but it's been a noticeable trend. I agree that I'm not sure why you can't do simultaneous releases (although technically if you open it at 12 on some random day the US will get it close to last anyway.)
Agh! Won't load for me! Any new text?
Don't know why they'd release the movie early because of soccer football, eddy. The European Championship doesn't start 'till june, and the Champion's League final (which is a one-off) is also after the US release. Plus: the play days don't match with opening days for movies. So I'm sure it's some other reason.

ETA: also, the trailer? Awesome. I like how the Japanese trailer focussed ever so slightly more on the sci-fi/fantasy aspects of this movie. Don't know if that's a coincindence or not, but I'm sure this trailer will play slightly better to Japanese audiences, while the US trailer plays better to mainstream American audiences. I like the marketing campaign for this movie so far :).

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Trailers don't get much better than this.
'Yeah, it does. But the US is getting it after almost every other country, which makes no sense at all.'

I know - I live in Australia. :smugface:

saw quite a bit looks great, love the fact the intro and title are in japanesse. what next seeing a whedon godzilla?
Whooooooooa! This is trailer is major! I may have freaked my neighbours out with my yelling 15 seconds into this trailer! I had to stop watching it there because, for me, it had already given away too much. lol Major spoilers here folsk! The shot of inside the plane......I shouldn't have seen that yet. Damn! Oh, well. I love the international feel of what I saw of the trailer. This film is going to kick butt!
Dang, that was excellent! Curious why this wasn't included in the US or UK versions?

Nevertheless, very good find, eddy!
Yep, I think I'm going on self-imposed black-out after that. Great trailer, but I don't think I want to see anything else until May.
Awesome trailer, can't wait to see the movie in theater!

It almost made me forget that Scarlett Johanson has a 9mm to fight an alien technology ;)
Why isn't it May yet?
It's that whole world spins thing. Major drag. Can't besmight physics, I should've paid more attention in that class. Now, I've no answers!
Re: the football thing, I think Thor was moved earlier last year for Australian release because of it, and they saw it did well. It creates positive buzz, and the films opened big in the US too.

Annnnd, I'm definitely not watching any more trailers. Just seeing the ship and Maria Hill talking scared the spoilerphobe in me a bit too much.
Is that the first time we've seen Pepper? I wasn't sure if she was in this, but there she is...
Yes,this does give away that cameo.
I just realized that here the Movie will open the 25th of April and not the 4th of May.
I haven't seen any trailer here yet and I just assumed it opened the 4th like in the USA.

If I wasn't at the office I would be doing the "dance of joy" right now.
I gotta say...much as this trailer was 10 kinds of freaking awesome, I think the biggest "Ohhhhh...shhhiiii-!" moment for me was the spoilerific shot of the SHIELD Helicarrier lifting off and I was definitely "Damn it!" since I was hoping to go into the film without having THAT momment spoiled.

I guess I will just cope with my minor aggravation :P
Felt like the most coherent trailer to me, despite the voice over being in Japanese.
Too bad they couldn't get Harrison Ford to do the Japanese voice-overs, so we could have "Blade Runner"-type arguments about which version is better.
Pepper Potts = early favorite to be Whedoned off this mortal coil.
The Iron Man franchise called and said hi.
My favorite trailer so far, although one line of dialogue near the end is a brick of a cliche, very un-Joss-like. The "this is serious" tone of the Japanese voice over seems to add something for me.
Want to see this movie. Now!
Suspended Animation pondered as efficient time-killer....biggest event since Serenity, yes? all best to our guy as he boards the express for that "whole other" level he's moving to...the big damn world is about to say hi to the talent that we've been so lucky to appreciate and share. better late than never!

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