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March 15 2012

Wait is almost over for new Dr. Horrible, Joss Whedon says. Production could start this summer.

I'm so happy to see this.
I met NPH on set at HIMYM and asked him to autograph my DVD of Dr. Horrible. He looked a little surprised when I gave him the DVD.

Wow this makes my DAY!!!
Joss, please, please don't ruin Dr Horrible, it's one of the best pieces you've done yet, please, don't ruin it, and one of my all-time favourite pieces. That means don't bring any snobby teens with mystical origins and potential mystical powers that come with massive mummy or daddy issues who make the main characters unbearable. Don't bring any evil corporations hell-bent on destroying someone (but never allowed to kill them even though that excuse doesn't make sense). And please, please, Joss. For the love of Zeus and all that is ambrosia, please don't end it with an apocalypse. I know you think all shows have to end with an apocalypse, but the fact is, they don't have to.
@stormy_daze: Joss knows his stuff. He would never make a sequel just for the sake of making a sequel. Obviously, there's a lot unresolved regarding the characters. He won't make it any bigger than it needs to be,either. Why do you think he would add any of that stuff to Dr. Horrible? Joss knows what he's doing. of that, at least, I am sure.
stormy_daze: I get what you're saying about Angel and Buffy, but come on the ending of Dollhouse was insane!

On topic: YES. That is all.
What? Where is all that coming from, stormy_daze? I don't understand how you are getting any of that in relation to Dr. Horrible.
I never worry about Joss ruining anything: if he thinks his idea is worth his time and effort then I am definitely onboard (of course I AM 'Whedon's Bitch'...).
I don't think I've had this much fun checking Whedonesque since 2005 - every time I come back here this year, there is one more tid bit of good news! Squeee indeed!
stormy_daze, this is the second time in about as many days that you've acted like this. Enough. We've got your point.
This place is really starting to kill whatever shred of productivity I had left. More, please.

Does he never sleep or something? I just love that this year (and maybe next year) his list of projects will look like: horror movie, superheroes, Shakespeare, romance, apocalyptic webseries (if I remember correctly what Wastelanders is), and a musical.
I'm still waiting for the ballet. Come on, Joss.
Lots of awesome stuff coming means there's momentum building to be able to FREE GONERS. Right?
stormy_daze, if you're that worried about it ruining the first one, then don't watch it when it happens.
Bluelark, is there anyone in hollywood as versatile as our Joss? He just jumps across genres like they're nothing. I still want to see him do something 'regular' though. Like a period drama, or a straight up comedy.
Does the article actually say 'Production'? Because, well...
Of all the Whedony things coming up, this is probably the one I'm least excited about. Which is kind of a fun place to be in--we have so many upcoming Whedon projects we get to pick favorites. :-)
In this case technically yes, gossi. Since it speaks of everyone thinking summer is when everyone's schedules will mesh. No reason to bring that up unless they are talkin production.
Joss be talking about getting the writers and script writing methinks. This one is being spun all over the place as some sort of production announcement.

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I dunno. Does Joss need to wait til the summer to hang with his family? I thought all Whedons were great multi-taskers.
I've asked the reporter about it.
Plus it mentions NPH specifically. I'm going to remain hopeful for now.
"over-the-top horror-comedy The Cabin in the Woods"
...huh? I mean, I haven't seen it yet, but...huh?
They seem to have a structure though, and we know Joss doesn't take long to write, so the script theoretically could be done in a couple of days.
Can't wait!!!! saw a charity screening 3 summers ago in new york. Joss hosted it and i meet him later that night comming out of the theater. best night of my life!!!!!
I'm still not completely convinced he is talking about shooting it, but it could realistically happen this summer because I suppose they will only need 2-3 weeks of the actors' time? Rehearsal time + recording songs + principle photography time? It took 7-8 days to film Dr. Horrible, right? Maybe they can work it out with NPH and Fillion this summer indeed.

Honestly, while I would love more DH, what I'm actually dying for is news of Wastelanders. Completely new Joss material + Warren Ellis + hard science fiction = me, completely stoked.
Just waiting for "Bad Penny" to show up.
Do not want. To me, Doc Horrible is one of the most perfect and perfectly complete projects ever. Do not want!
I always want to see whatever Joss comes up with. (Except maybe CITW coz of the slashy gore. No... I pretty much want to see it too. Just don't realistically think I can handle it.) I know they are just story possibilities, but I'm looking forward to:

1. Billy wrestling with what it really means to be evil and with what other people think is evil and where he's gonna draw his lines on the slippery slope.

2. The end of the long standing debate in my house of "How will they bring back Penny?" Clone? Twin? Bride of Horrible? Robot? Cyborg? (Robot w/Penny's brain) Time machine?

3. Will Billy accept a challenge from Johnny Snow?

4. What does it mean to belong to the ELoE?

5. Will he remain friends with Moist even though he's now rubbing shoulders with the likes of Dead Bowie and Fake Thomas Jefferson and has groupies?

6. Billy surely blames Hammer for Penny's demise, so what's he gonna do about it?

7. How will Captain Hammer recover his heroic cred? (I'm thinking media whitewash.)

8. Will Billy give away the inner workings of the ELoE in his blog?

9. Will Dr. Horrible get an Igor now that he's moving up in the world of evil?

10. Does one hoof tapping mean yes or no?
Pretty easy for you to ignore it completely, buffyfest.
If Felicia Day returns, I don't envy whoever has to keep that spoiler.

My personal idea of how she could be brought back is a play on the Orpheus myth. Orpheus goes to the Underworld to retrieve Eurydice, and he has to play music to do so. Might not work in the Dr. Horrible universe, though.
No doubt in my mind that Dr. Horrible 2 will be great fun to watch!

I think Felicia will return; they told us, didn't they?

My guess: she'll be playing another person all together. Billy will fall in love with this 'new person', and somehow she will remind him of Penny.
And that should be consoling. And not. Thus giving new twists and turns...

Just my two cents.

P.S. Did anybody remark upon the fact that one of the three female ELoE's could be a Felicia Day stand-in...?
Again: just guessing.
This is just SWELL!!!!!! I'm ALSO Whedon's bitch, so I squee at all of his accomplishments. I'm wacky like that.

I love your hypothesis, BreathsStory! hypothesizes? whatever.

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