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March 15 2012

Nathan Fillion to play Hermes in Percy Jackson sequel. This movie will be released next year.

Haven't seen the first film or read the books (they're based on books right? Or was that something else Greek mythology related?) but I like the prospect of Nathan as a version of Hermes. Hope this doesn't end up delaying Dr. Horrible 2 though.
The first one was pretty good. I'm there.
Intriguing. I wouldn't normally picture Hermes as Fillionesque. But hey, I'm not gonna question anybody who thinks Nathan Fillion should be in their movie.
I agree with MoonRose: I'd never have thought of Nathan for the part, but I'm still thrilled they cast him! I'm a big fan of the books and wasn't particularly happy with the first movie. The second one can only be an improvement with Nathan aboard.
Interesting. Not that I'm complaining about some Fillion in a film....but I wonder why they recast it?
I really liked the first one, it was fun and a lot more entertaining than the last few Harry Potter movies, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, The Golden Compass, Eragon and the last two Narnia films put together.
I really liked the first one, it was fun and a lot more entertaining than the last few Harry Potter movies

Okay, you lost me at that point. The first 'Percy Jackson' was in no WAY better than the last two HP films, IMO.

But Nathan's in a movie... yay!
Love the books but avoided the first movie because of the so-so reviews, but it looks like I'm there for the second one.
I'm not familiar with the book or the first movie, but Hermes in Greek mythology has a trickster aspect and a stud aspect, both of which Mr. Fillion can handle.
that made my day:)
Good news. Mr. Fillion playing Hermes makes it certain I will be watching. :)
I really enjoyed the books. I'm ridiculously excited about this!
Ok, while I don't mean to bash, as a movie lover I can't let that HP comparison go, and I'm not even an HP fan. The first Percy Jackson was like a made-for-tv movie, with visuals, acting and production values to match. In no way was it better than, or even comparable to, any of the HP films, and that oddly includes the first two that were done by the Percy Jackson director. *But* it did boast a pretty decent cast (except for the lifeless love interest, and possibly the lead). And Nathan being in the second unfortunately makes me curious to watch it :S.
Never read the books, but did see the first PJ movie and found it to be a fun little popcorn flick. Had no idea though that it did well enough at the box office to get a sequel. I'm glad NF is cast as Hermes and not the Pierce Brosnan character. That whole manimal thing is a little disconcerting.
I didn't expect to hear from this movie franchise again.

I have my doubts in regards to the movie, but could see Nathan Fillion pulling off a fun version of Hermes. Mainly, I'm surprised that they seem to be continuing with the second book. It always seemed to be the slowest in the series. I would have assumed that they would skip that story and go to the last three books which are pretty action packed.
Okay, you lost me at that point. The first 'Percy Jackson' was in no WAY better than the last two HP films, IMO.

I haven't seen the last one but I thought 6 & 7 were very dull.
I'm a huge fan of the books and am glad to see Nathan as Hermes since he'll get a bigger role as the movies go on. I wasn't a fan of the first movie but they changed the director so hopefully the second movie will be better/follow the books a little more for the overall arc.

BrewBunny - the movie did well overseas and that's how it got greenlighted for a sequel. If it was just going by USA boxoffice it wouldn't have happened.
I really liked the first movie and I love the books, so I'm even more excited for PJ2 now.
Simon, 7 & 8 are essentially a big four hour long movie. 7 is all set-up, no payoff -- which I understand puts some people off.

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