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March 15 2012

(SPOILER) Felicia Day to guest on Supernatural. TV Guide had the details.

How many Whedon alums have appeared on Supernatural? Does it hold the record in this matter?
I'll admit that I never watch Supernatural except when a Buffy alum is on, but I am very excited to see Felicia Day channeling Lisbeth!
Don't know if Supernatural holds the record, but there've been a lot of Whedon-folk on Grey's Anatomy.
I've spent the last three weeks watching Supernatural from the beginning. Looks like I'm getting caught up just in time!

@obillow: I know that the show Private Practice had a surprisingly high number of alums. I never liked it much, and kept telling myself "I'm not watching this show anymore" and then I'd keep finding out someone else wonderful would be guest starring.

But Supernatural should get extra credit guest-star points for having Mercedes McNab on as basically Harmony.
They should also get bonus points for the episode where Charisma and James played a married couple! I like Supernatural. And off top of my head can count six Whedonverse actors who've appeared.
YAY! More Whedonverse goodness on a show I love.
Actually, she'll be the 21st Whedonverse alumni to appear on Supernatural.
Well counting guest stars and extra, etc, there's actually far more than 21 - just Buffy and Angel combined totalled over 30. I posted a comment last year that links to full lists of shared casts and crew between the Whedonverse and Supernatural.

That being said, the only prominent Whedonverse actors who've been on Supernatural are Charisma, Julie, James, Amber, Mercedes, Amy, Harry Groener, Jewel, Mark Sheppard, and now Felicia.
This is great. I just started watching this show myself and love it. I am trying to get caught up and missing most of this past season, but still I'll figure it out.

Such a great episode title. Maybe the best one yet for that show.
Great! I'd been avoiding Supernatural, but it's now streaming on Netflix. So I have no excuse....

And I have no problem watching "new" episodes while catching up with the background; I began watching Buffy reruns in the middle of things & then went back to the beginning....
The first 5 seasons of Supernatural are excellent, so it's worth diving into.
I just caught up on Supernatural from the beginning after never watching it, and am now a big fan. It is worth a watch.
Yeah it doesn't just have all those Whedon actors but the two writers that I can think of, Ben Edlund being the major one, and Brett Matthews.

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