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March 15 2012

A bunch of Cabin in the Woods interview videos at SXSW! <- That's Joss. Here's Drew, Bradley, Richard and Anna. Youtube's been coughing up SXSW videos left and right. Here's more: Joss & Drew, Joss & Drew, Drew, Anna, Jesse & Kristen, Anna, Joss, Drew, Richard, Bradley Anna, Jesse & Kristen, more of everyone.

If any of these have been posted already, I apologize. If there are any I've missed, feel free to link.

I like the interview where Anna says she used her training as Power Ranger to do her Cabin stunts.
Was the interviewer being ironic when he asked Joss if Chris had got him the Avengers job?
Saw the film last night. Very good stuff, and funny too.

Both the horror fans and people who don't like horror seemed to enjoy it.

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redeem147, was that in Toronto? I found out that there was a screening in Toronto with Drew Goddard yesterday. I had wish I known sooner, as there were a number of sites out there giving away tickets and I might have won something. Not just to see the movie early (and free) but to be around for a Q&A with Drew Goddard afterwards would have been amazing.
Matt_Fabb - I was at the Toronto screening last night and, yes, you missed out! Drew was an absolute charmer and the movie was crazy, wicked good! And that's about the most you'll get out of me about CitW, because there is NO WAY that you want me to spoil anything for you. Let's put it this way: I still plan on seeing it again on opening night!!
GreatMuppetyOdin, thanks and I'll have to remember to check back at the video after I've seen the movie (as I'm trying to go in knowing hardly a single thing beyond the title & cast and so far it's working out).
It was a wonderful event in Toronto. Drew really didn't sound as though he'd been saying the same thing over and over and he seemed really touched when the audience gave him and the movie a standing ovation.
And man, is he tall!
I really regret watching the Toronto video. I hope I forget what I heard.

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