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March 16 2012

Happy birthday, Alan Tudyk. Our favorite pilot turns 41 today.

Happy Day, Alan.
Happy birthday to my fellow dinosaur enthusiast's wonderful actor.

Happy birthday! You know, I've always thought it would be cool if we shared our favorite quotes from actors on their birthday posts. Anybody agree with me? No? Is that wrong? "There are many parts of me that know this is wrong. None of them care. And six... they just find it funny."
He's a leaf on the wind for another year.

Also, I think it'd be impossible for me to pick just one Tudyk quote. No way you can make me pick between Firefly, Dollhouse, and Suburgatory.
Yeah. I meant quotes (plural). Although, he gets so many good lines that that's still pretty much means the first one that comes to mind.
Happy birthday, Alan! I've got too many favorite Wash quotes to know where to begin on that.
But instead-

"Oh, God! Look at my package!"

Not a Whedon quote, but I clearly remember being a teen and watching 28 days with my mom, not loving the movie but laughing out loud at Tudyk's character, and thinking to myself, "who is that funny, funny man?!?" I enjoyed his work in all his oddball bit parts over the years (Pirate Steve, anyone?) but I think Whedon really gave him the chance and space to shine. And soar!
My favorite Wash line has got to be "Oh, my God it's grotesque! Oh, and there's something in a jar..."

Happy Birthday, Alan. May the next 41 be just as wacky.
Why does my script end on page 90?

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