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March 16 2012

'Grimm' gets a second season. Good news for Buffy/Angel alums David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf.

Also good news for Portland, as Leverage still films here (and is set here now, too), and Portlandia was renewed.
Did it get any better? Didn't get past the second episode.
Kaan - I watched 6 or 7 and remained unimpressed so I gave up.
I enjoy it for what it is, easy fun Friday night viewing.
It's probably the same as you remember it. Most episodes are kind of repetitive and they're only very slowly revealing more info about the world.

They should step it up before the finale. And avoid cliffhangers.
It's very dark. (Literally, I had to increase my brightness a LOT to watch the 3/9 episode.) I think it's worth watching if you're a fan of Silas Weir Mitchell (Monroe, the guy-next-door comic relief monster) and for other, less important reasons. But mostly because of Silas. Who'd make a great Joss sidekick.
Yay, great news. I love the show.
I agree with cabri. Silas Weir Mitchell is the best part of the show. I enjoyed Amy Acker's episode, but the freak of the week thing has gotten old. I'll still watch it, but we need to see some story arcs develop.
Good for them on "Grimm". It's a nice show, you can enjoy it while only half paying attention, it's not so bogged down in mytharc that you can't miss an episode and still enjoy it. And, yeah, Silas Weir Mitchell is great.
I must admit I have recently given up on Grimm too. Its not so much the fact it is sooo monster of the week, although it REALLY is, it really doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I also don't like the way the viewer is treated like an idiot by having the characters reiterating points. Not everyone watching has ADD! Anyway, got bored with it and stopped watching. Shame really as could have been much better.
I'm with you there, cdm22. It annoyed me when they started doing that on Angel during season 5. I don't think there was a week went by in the first half of the season where one of the cast wasn't forced to say something along the lines of 'Why did we come to Wolfram and Hart again?' just to allow another cast member to explain the reasons to the apparently clueless audience. I seem to remember that being done at the request of the network, in order to make the show easier for the more casual viewer to understand, rather than the arc-heavy show it had been up to the end of season 4, but it still came across as incredibly forced and clunky dialogue. What exactly was so bad about having a regular 'Previously on Angel...' sequence at the start of each episode? It had always worked before.
I was equally unimpressed with the first few eps of Grimm. It isn't a horrible show by any means, but having had shows like Buffy and Angel tread similar ground in a far superior way, it's hard to get hooked.
This is good news. It is not a superior genre show by any stretch but it's entertaining and has some good acting. There is some nice tension built in with Nick not having revealed his Grimm ancestry with girlfriend Juliette but it's clear she suspects something deep is going on. Excellent quirky character work on the part of Mitchell and Lee - Hornsby is solid as Nick's partner, Hank. Perhaps the second season will make everything gel.
So far I like the premise a lot better than the execution ... I wish they would tie it into real fairy tales more often, instead of making up random monsters and giving them goofy fake-German sounding names (if these beings have existed all over the world since the dawn of time, why do they only have names in German??). I'd also like to see Nick do more Grimm-superpower-fighting, and less run-of-the-mill detectiving.

However, a lot of shows take a while to find their feet, so I'm willing to give it some more time ... if only to see what Sasha Roiz's character is up to. He was amazing in Caprica, and I can't wait for him to actually have something to do on Grimm (besides be vaguely menacing and have mysterious ties to the demon world ... er, the Germany monster-thing world).
I think things are German because his family line is German.
That's a really good point, erendis, about seeing Nick doing more Grimm superpower fighting. We see him at his aunt's trailer a lot, reading up on the various creatures he is investigating and we've seen some of the weapons she passed on to him. Maybe the problem is, he needs to bring Hank into the fold because he can't just whip out a weapon in front of his partner (granted, they're not always together while working a case, but still). Yes, we need to have Nick explore his inner Buffy (sorry, I just had to get that in there).

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Wait, "Grimm"? New show, should've told me!

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