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March 16 2012

'Husbands the Series' Gets a Season 2. Jane Espenson just tweeted from Wondercon news that her web series will continue.

Can't wait. I enjoyed the first so much.
That's great news.
Yay!!!!! Since I've been obsessed with Cheeks for a few years now, this is amazing news! :D
WaHOO! Me and mine really enjoyed this. I just checked the website a few days ago in hopes of some info about a season 2. Yay!
Great news. I'm so happy for Jane.
I really do think this web series should get picked up by a network. It's such a hot button issue, the actors are perfectly cast and the scripts are intelligent and funny. Someone notice this show!!!
Fantastic. Put a very big smile on my face when I read this. Hearty, and well deserved, congratulations to all of Team Husbands.
Cheeks kept tweeting about the announcement and then, at least on my timeline, Jane scooped him. ;) Congratulations to them all - I look forward to more warm, hilarious, romantic moments. I believe there will be a Kickstarter or such program for funding.
Congrats to Jane and everyone involved! It's a wonderfully heartfelt series.
They just launched their Kickstarter.

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