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March 16 2012

Early screenings of The Cabin in the Woods. Keep an eye on this list, which posts screenings when it hears of them. But this is just a list; you'll have to check local papers, blogs, TV, and radio for passes or codes.

Most of them are operated by, although not sponsored by, Gofobo, so you can also just search by your zip code on that site to see if one is coming your way.

Oh wow, it would be so much fun to go to one (I went to two of the advanced screenings of 'Serenity' and they were both magical nights! I could probably drive to one in the Chicago area (I assume there will never be one in Iowa).
Fran Kranz and Jesse Williams will be doing a Q&A at the advance screening in Boston on 3/26. Looking for passes now.
Philly, please?
Is Portland too much to hope for? Or will we get overlooked as usual?
They need to add Charlotte.
A big '+1' to eddy.
There's this event in London on the 5th of next month.
Cheers Simon - trying to book now. Website not working, trying to call.

Edit: Sold out. Never mind!

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Boo. You could always see an early screening of The Cabin in the Woods at The Kinema in the Woods in Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire.
Well, San Francisco isn't that far!
Why aren't there any early screenings in New York?
Keep checking the site(s). This isn't The List, it's What's Known Of The List At Any Given Moment.
We can only hope that the cast of Jersey Shore will be at all the early screenings. Good find btw.
When I search my zip code the only screenings listed are for American Reunion and Mirror Mirror :(
Gonna keep fingers crossed and keep refreshing in hopes for a Philly screening too.
eddy, as I say: keep searching. Everything that's popped up in the last couple of days literally only just popped up. Seattle only popped up today. There's no telling when something will show; you have to keep searching and/or checking the Advance Screenings site to see if someone's already found it. (There's also no guarantee any given city will get one, obviously. But really the point is that no being listed now doesn't mean you won't be in three hours, or three days.)
okay, how does one go about finding codes? There's an early screening in my city, but I can't find a code. . . help?
Generally, as the post says, local papers, radio, TV, and/or websites/blogs sponsor screenings and have the passes/codes. You'll basically just have to poke/search around.
Any honest reviews?
Whoa! Columbus, OH is on the list.
How did that happen?!
Now if I can just get lucky enough to score a pass...
The screening in Seattle is private. Does anyone know how I could score an invite? Or is it a screening for the theatre owner and all his best buddies?
Private just means you need an RSVP code from the sponsor(s), whoever they might be. I haven't seen them pop up yet, at least on Twitter.
My bro is in Columbus and he won't even care. Grrr Arrgh.

Please Philly pop up. Pretty please.
And it's been added, now to scrounge for codes!
See the other thread here, from today. It's not just about Chicago, but about the other cities.

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