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March 17 2012

Buffy is competing in TV March Madness. Best thing about March Madness? The other bracket type polls that come up. Buffy is in the off-air drama division of this particular bracket.

Also in the on-air comedy divison is How I Met Your Mother (Yay Aly and NPH!) and in the on-air drama if of course Captain TightPants' alter ego Castle.

And Roseanne is there- Joss wrote for that. And Homeland and Suburgatory are also there- with more Whedon actors.
Bah! The Sopranos losing out to Lost! And not by a small amount. Definitely don't agree.

The lack of Six Feet Under is a big over sight too.

Glad to see Twin Peaks is doing well though.
The results for round one seem to be in and I see Buffy(84%) beat The Shield by quite a lot. :) Rosanne(56%) beat Taxi. Castle(56%) beat Mad Men. Suburgatory(41%) lost to Cougar Town though as did Homeland(47%) to The Walking Dead.

And with no Whedon connection that I know of (but love! ^_^)... Community(76%) won over It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. (As did Supernatural(53%) edging out The Good Wife).

There were some other interesting results as well.

(My daily procrastination is now complete.)
I think I forgot to mention Suburgatory and Homeland in my original post because I was voting against them :o/ I love them both but, those were two of the toughest choices. I've loved Penny Can for longer than Suburgatory and, well, Walking Dead has just been taking giant leaps in my favorite shows list with every new episode. Can't wait for Season 3...

Also, great to see that HIMYM edged out Modern Family!! WOO I was worried it wouldn't survive that one.
The Round of 32 is now up for voting!

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