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March 17 2012

Geek and Sundry Trailer. This trailer contains clips from 6 new shows that will air on Felicia Day's Web Channel.

The shows include 'Flog', a Vlog show from Felicia; 'Table Top' with Wil Wheaton, and Motion Comics from Dark Horse.

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Woah. Cool. Subscribed. Almost all of these looked interesting to me especially 'Flog' and the dark horse motion comics.
Looking forward to this muchly. Felicia Day is very creatively talented and the delivery method looks like just the ticket up the arse the Interwebs industry needs.
FWIW, this isn't something just Felicia related. It's basically part of a larger YouTube initative, launching a series of branded channels like this (e.g. Nerdist Channel) programmed by various individuals or entities. (Not to take anything away from Felicia; there's a reason she's one of the people/entities involved in this initiative.)

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Another Whedonesque-y connection: Graphic Designer to the Geeks lexigeek/Adam Levermore designed The Flog and TableTop logos in his inimitable & talented way...
Awesome! Subscribed. Can't wait to watch.

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