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March 17 2012

Sad Max misses Firefly during The Internet Song. In this post-apocalyptic musical by VFX artist Teague Chrystie (Fringe), Max laments the passing of the Big Damn Show and wishes it would come back. The relevant lyrics can be heard in the MP3 section of the site, during track 1, "The Internet Song".

There's also a Dollhouse reference that is... let's go with "not so positive". :)

quick question "Does this world end like that with a man despritely wanting to be heard?" which is symbolic really in this world?

We Need To Be Heard

A very clever musical wonder if the fish will do the chorus
io9 has a write-up about the film here:
Oh yeah, he's one of the guys from Down In Front. They do really great movie commentary podcasts and are huge Firefly/Whedon fans.

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