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March 19 2012

See 'The Cabin in the Woods' early for free in the UK. You could be watching it next Monday but hurry! Tickets are selling out fast. Update: They're all sold out now. Update: But wait! There's a handful available here courtesy of Bleeding Cool.

They're all gone.
Anyone here get any?
Oh sure the literal one Monday I'm going to be in the UK (I'm from Iowa) and I miss this link by a few hours. CURSES!
There's a few more here. (I got mine there.)
Cheers, I added that to the entry.
It's worth trying the below codes on I just got one for Hamilton (near Glasgow):

One of the few problems with living in London, they tend to go in a snap :(
There were more tickets available for London screenings than the rest of the UK put together!
Some more available in Oxford.
Another code
and another one
aaaaaaand another one!
ooh - got some - excited now :-)

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