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March 19 2012

Twenty-five great superheroine scenes. Two Whedonverse comic books feature in this list. There's the much talked about page from Buffy Season 9 #6 (big spoilers if you haven't read it yet) and the incredible Kitty Pryde scene from Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men #1.

That was a lovely read, thanks.

Oh and I noticed there's a Tumblr account as well.
I'm glad to see Barbara Thorson from "I Kill Giants" on the list. She's a great character, with lots of bravery, inner strength, imagination, and opinions.
I admit, my initial reaction to the tease here was "regardless of what was discussed, how superheroic is a conversation beside a really crummy apartment complex pool", but reading through the list, it doesn't seem like that's what they were going for, more like "great scenes that superheroines were in", which is much more YMMV than straight up than a list of 25 moments of superheroines being their most superheroish (i.e. I thought the whole list would be things like Kitty Pryde phasing the bullet).

I feel like they missed by not having any 355 in here at all. Most good picks, though. Think I'd have probably put Kitty at the top from the 25 they have, actually. The actual #1 seemed more about a swipe at Superman than a celebration of Wonder Woman.

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Some might say this is the greatest superheroine scene ever.
KingofCretins, what is 355?

Do you mean Agent 355 from Y last man???

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KoC, 355 is on the list. She is number 18.

That page from Astonishing reminds me of how great Joss' Spidey was. I'd love to see him write a Spider-Man story.
This is one great list.

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