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March 19 2012

The ultimate fan battle (round five). Buffy vs Star Wars - who will win?

Buffy is losing, and I think she deserves to win!
Sorry, but had to go with Star Wars here. Had no problem voting against Disney, however. Either way it rolls from here (Supernatural or Buffy winning, or just one of the above, a show with Whedon influences/Whedon contributors (Ben Edlund has penned 21 episoodes of Supernatural) is probably in the final two).
I find it hard to believe that Supernatural is the best thing ever. However the final round winds up... it's going to be interesting.
53.2% Buffy
46.8% Star Wars

Buffy has Star Wars on the ropes!
(another sentence I never thought I'd write)
55% Buffy
45% Star Wars

Wow, wasn't expecting this.
55.3% Buffy
44.7% Star Wars

I'd like to see Buffy vs. Disney in the final round. They can sing it out.
Buffy: 57.4%
Star Wars: 42.6%
Buffy had a bigger impact on me then Star Wars so it got my vote. Also, voted for Supernatural as a Buffy/Supernatural final intrigues me
I've only really recently got into Buffy, whereas Star Wars pretty much steered my entire childhood leading up to this point... So do I vote for the present or the past? I did one for each anyway. Did I mention that this poll is just plain cruel?
Hoping for that finale too Sunfire. Voted Buffy and Disney.
I love Star Wars, but Buffy wins for me, if by trajectory alone. I loved the first three Star Wars films but I've had to work hard to forget my memories of the three that followed! Not to mention all the "additions" to subsequent releases. Whereas Buffy as a series surpassed the Kristy Swanson movie, and in my opinion, has gone nowhere but up.

But seriously, what a moment of triumph for Buffy if she wins out over Star Wars. And now the thought of comparing Whedon to Lucas is making me realize how much there needs to be a Whedon foundation ala Edutopia/The Lucas Foundation. Because the thought of Whedon funding youth filmmakers' education fills my heart with squee!! What might such an organization be called? The Potentials? Browncoats: The Next Generation?
The only reason Buffy would ever win something like this, whatever it is, is because there's such a backlash against Star Wars because good ol' George Lucas can't stop screwing it up with changes. It just leads to a collective sigh slash groan. Plus, Buffy never had a Jar-Jar. Because of those and a few other issues, Star Wars is a joke to many nowadays.

Then again, it's kind of silly (and ridiculous) to me to even see Buffy and Star Wars compared in some kind of poll in the first place.

Star Wars was an all-encompassing phenomenon that spread all over the world for a couple of decades and influenced most of what we think of as pop culture. I know there's an obvious bias here but Buffy has never been (and never will be, despite said bias here) close to the mass hysteria that Star Wars was in its prime, until said Jar-Jar and Greedo shooting first left a bitter and embarrassing taste in fans' mouths.
SW is an all-encompassing cultural phenomenon, but in truth, I only really loved the 2nd movie, Empire Strikes Back. The other 2 original trilogy movies are good, yes, don't inspire a particularly deep-seated love... while BtVS is the cat's pyjamas, in my opinion. So it was fairly easy for me to vote for Buffy.
Buffy has taken up way more of my brain space over the years so I vote for Buffy.
Don't get me wrong, I'm a card carrying Star Wars/Star Trek fan, but Buffy beats them.

I don't watch Supernatural, but I know those fans really are devoted so I'm predicting a Supernatural win here. But Buffy wins with me.
Absolutely no question with these two votes for me. Can't stand Disney stuff. For one thing, I'm a Looney Tunes fan through and through and for another, Disney's corporate side leaves a lot to be desired. Supernatural would likely get my vote anyway but against Disney? No competition!

Pretty much the same for vote number two. I could never see what the big deal was about Star Wars. Trek was infinitely superior in every way. Although I am waiting for Joss to do a 'Lucas' on the original Buffy movie, editing Donald Sutherland out altogether. Buffy for the win here though.

The final is going to be a tough call for me, assuming Buffy and Supernatural both get through. Not sure I could decide between those two shows as they both mean a lot to me. Might just sit that one out.
Well, this is a fan battle. If you ask people on the street who woould win this battle, I'm pretty sure that Star Wars would win hands down. But the fun part is that thats not the point. This battle is about the fans who care enough to show up. That's why Buffy even has a chance and seems to be winning.

It looks like the next round will be Buffy vs. Supernatural. The Supernatural fans had it easy, having to vote against Disney in favor of the show they love. But think how many of them might have come to the genre via Buffy. It will be much harder to choose. And I'm almost certain that Buffy will win.
Oh yeah, forgot to say, my anti-spam word was 'seed'. True fact!
Buffy is firmly in the lead. The power of Whedonesque to skew polls...
It's not skewed. Of all the polls where we ralley to support all things whedon-esque, this is at least honest in that it doesn't ask look the best scifi movie of all times (Serenity, according to a poll at io9, yay) but the "Ultimate Fanbase". Sure there are a lot of Star Wars fans. But if there is not enough power in that fandom for at least some of them to wake up to realise that their ass is being kicked by a certain slayer right now... well then they are just plain lame. Good for us. And deservedly so.
@daylight: The power of Whedonesque to skew polls...

This is why I never bother with actually voting in these polls, especially if it's unfairly skewed just because Whedon's name is involved. Each time it's like "hey, Whedon had something to do with this so make it win no matter what!"

@a stranger in my place: But if there is not enough power in that fandom for at least some of them to wake up to realise that their ass is being kicked by a certain slayer right now... well then they are just plain lame. Good for us. And deservedly so.

Perhaps people in that other fandom don't feel the need to rally others to stack the deck with votes. Perhaps they have better things to do like whine over which Star Wars planet has an even sillier name than the other and just now much Lucas raped their childhoods.

Unfairly skewing another internet poll because other fans are too 'lame' to try to alter the results as unfairly as this place does is not power.

It's kind of pathetic.

Perhaps if people didn't try to skew the votes, these things would be allowed to stand on their own and the results would be truly fair.

Then again if they stood on their own they might get their asses kicked as you say. Have to fight dirty because they can't win any other way it seems. If that's the attitude, then again this is why I never vote in these things. I'd rather lose fairly based on the subject's own merits than win with an unfair bias. That bias is indeed well deserved, the win is not.

Hard to believe, but not all Whedon fans have that need to see everything with his name on it be voted 'best' or 'favorite' or anything else. These things may be all in the name of harmless fun, but where's the fun in being skewed and biased every time?
The choice would have been harder before Star Wars started sucking. I can't watch any of them now they've been so ruined.
NL197, it's not how you play the game, it's whether you win or not. No point playing if you're going to let 'the rules' get in the way of a victory. If at first you don't succeed, cheat! Second place is for losers!

Kidding... kinda! To be fair, I did learn from the Wolfram and Hart Academy of Fair Play and Ethics, so my opinion may be slightly skewed itself! ;)
Voted for Buffy and Supernatural - again, easy choices for me. So far this has been one of the easiest polls I've ever voted in, despite some hideous match-ups.

NL197, I think most internet polls are usually skewed in some way or another. And I'd say it's pretty hard to skew something that's skewed to begin with :).

Internet polls are never scientifically accurate, as the sample group is never corrected for age/sex/other-qualifiers and is always dependent on whoever takes the time to go to the site and click an answer; it's never representative, and so on and so forth. Which is fine - internet polls are, like you said, just for fun.

Also, this particular poll is set-up to elicit the behaviour you're describing - that's why it's been named 'ultimate fan battle'. It's pitching fan bases against each other and is asking voters nothing more than of which thing they're bigger fans.

I think with most Whedon fans, certainly on this site, which is a bit more sane than usual, if you'd ask them 'which property was more influential', 'better', 'deserving' or whatever semi-objective nomer one could think of, there'd be more of a debate going on, and would result in more people voting against their fanbase (I, for one, wouldn't be able to honestly claim that Buffy was more influential than Star Wars, for instance).

Thankfully, this poll isn't asking that - which is refreshing, because this is one poll question people can easily answer and will answer truthfully, instead of using widely varying reasons and justifications for one or the other. Not that that really matters one way or the other (often the fun of polls aren't the results, but the debates they cause) - it just makes it easier to click the property you like more.

The vote here was easy, as of the remaining four, I like Buffy best, hands down. If I didn't, I'd be spending the time I'm spending here on Star Wars or Supernatural fan sites - or sites for their creators. I like both well enough (I've been obsessed with the original Star Wars movies ever since I was a kid, and have been working my way through Supernatural recently, and have been greatly enjoying the ride), but I don't love them like I do Buffy, Angel and Firefly.
Also, first a fan has to find out about the poll. Not every fandom is lucky enough to have a WHEDONesque.
It's kind of pathetic.

It is just a poll. There's no need to insult people who vote in it. I don't think anyone involved thinks it indicates anything other than popularity.
Kristen has been doing polls for over ten years, she knows to lock a poll if she wants to avoid multiple voting. On the contrary, she wants fans to keep coming back to vote, over and over again, it increases traffic at her site. So clearly the 'rules' against multiple voting are a sham (ARE there such rules at all?).

I agree w/redeem147, I cannot watch the 'prequel' Star Wars 1-3 because they suck, and I won't rewatch the original trilogy (Star Wars 4-6) because of the alterations which annoy me a lot.

Buffy was 7 solid seasons of thrills and laughter, it has never gotten old for me, I still rewatch them with pleasure, so I think Buffy should win.
@GVH: Well put.

@BreathesStory: If those poor Star Wars fans donít have a WHEDONesque, that is just another indicator of their lameness. After all WHEDONesque is made by fans. It's not like it's magic.

@NL197: Of course Star Wars fans don't feel the need to fight. Thatís because they have become the empire and Buffy is the underdog. And because of that they whine about whatever they don't like about Star Wars (which I have not experienced here, certainly not to that extent) while we do the impossible. And why shouldn't we. I am a big fan of the original Star Wars trilogy. But I have never been as proud of that as I am of my love for Buffy, Firefly, Dr. Horrible and Dollhouse. It is not unfair behavior or deception that makes "us" win polls like these - it is this pride. Star Wars fans might also lack the enthusiasm to check back daily at a site like we do with WHEDONesque, so they are not as fast to react. It comes down to quality over quantity. I see no problem with that.
People are about to feel some of the magic if this train of discussion continues any longer. Enough!

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