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March 20 2012

Chris Hardwick talks to Neil Patrick Harris on The Nerdist Podcast. At the 1:11:22 mark into this episode, Chris asks Neil about Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, and they talk about how the internet musical will be airing on television soon. Contains adult language.

Wow, this is a very personal conversation... really in-depth in ways that kind of surprise me. I end up feeling like they were forgetting it was being recorded....
Whoa. Dr. Horrible's going to be on network tv, and Neil has a puppet workshop. For evil puppetry I assume.

He is entirely correct about Clue!
I didn't know his twins were surrogate babies, Neil and David being father to each of them. That's really cool.
I adore that Neil wanted Chris to stay longer. I think this is the first time that's happened.
There is also a "Making It" podcast with Felicia Day here.
@bigsofty I just posted it on the main page. :)

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