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March 20 2012

A raving review of The Cabin in the Woods. One of their favourite horror movies of all time!

Sounds great! But this snippet made me worried:

straightforward enough to appeal to a more casual audience who will be taken in by the easy chemistry of its leads and won over by its unique story, as long as they can stomach the overflow of gore (albeit in OTT, not Saw-esque serious, fashion) come its climax

Not that big a fan of gore - especially when preceded with the word 'overflow'; not even much when presented in OTT/comedic fashion. Anyone here know how 'bad' it is?
I'm in the same boat, GVH. I love Whedon and I love self-aware, genre deconstructing works but I'm not a fan of lots of blood. I want so much to see it, especially after everyone keeps saying how smart and twisty it is, but not if I have to steel myself for getting through the climactic gore flow (or even earlier parts?).

So I second GVH's question: Is it tolerable for someone who doesn't normally go for gore?
There is gore. It is also a great movie.
Definitively not the usual slasher and i guess Joss has put a lot of himself in it (by that i mean more than in The Avengers).

Can't wait to see it in theater in France.
It's not eye-flinching gore, it's fist-pumping gore. And it's not really much more offensive than what they show on Bones or CSI.
"Monty Python and the Holy Grail" was gory too: black knight, the rabbit's hopping grounds... Sometimes too much actually makes it easier, because it can't be taken as seriously. (No idea if CitW falls in this category.)
My friends who hate gore were fine. Same with my friends who hate horror. I was only sitting briefly with my eyes closed. Can't tell you why, but it wasn't gore. More my own personal horror.

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Bones or CSI, I wouldn't describe as 'overflowing with gore'. There's definately yucky bits, but nothing really bad. It's not Scanners or Bad Taste, for instance, which I would describe as 'overflowing with gore' :).

To be clear, though: I have no moral issues with gory movies - they just make me nauseous :).

As for Monty Python and the Holy Grail; it doesn't bother me either. In fact, I've watched that movie a million times. The gory bits are so unrealistic - not only because they're OTT, but also because the effects are nowhere near believable - they don't elicit a physical reaction in me (I expect the effects in Cabin to adhere to a bit higher standard though ;)). However, the bit in The Meaning of Life, with Mr Creosote and the extensive vomitting, I can't watch without nearly sicking up myself, which means I always skip it :).

Of course, I'll probably still go see CiTW - there's nothing Joss has done I haven't seen (apart from Alien: Resurrection, which I feel justified on, as Joss himself dislikes it ;)), but I'd like to know what to expect going in, gore-wise, without being spoiled too much (which is proving hard :)).

redeem147 - that's certainly hopeful :).

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Oh, actually, Breaking Bad's gore level is probably more apt than CSI. It's basic cable gore.
Another Gore phobe here. Considering "The Walking Dead," I'm not sure if "basic cable gore" is all that terribly reassuring. Even "Boardwalk Empire" -- premium cable, admittedly bu I'm certainly used to contemporary gangster movie violence -- pushed my personal envelope to the breaking point on one episode (several still sitting on my DVR for that reason).

Still, I've noted that many reviews haven't even really mentioned the gore that much. I take from this that it's probably relatively bearable for people like me who only really have issues with very extreme gore a la Romero (or beyond) or ridiculously protracted torture (which I know Joss is opposed to, in any case).

I also have a special issue with cannibalism and eyeball violence, but anyways, I'm planning to go in with a couple of airplane bottles of liquid courage in my pockets. It's been my strategy since "Kill Bill, Vol. 1" came out.

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Yeah. My take - yes, there's some gore, and yes, you absolutely should see the movie. It's a journey worth taking, as it works on many levels.
Watch it on a plane. Guaranteed the gore would be cut out.
GVH, still same boat. :-) I also have to skip the Creosote scene in The Meaning of Life for the same reason. And Holy Grail is too hilarious and unrealistic to get to me. The "gory" scenes (Black Knight, rabbit) are played for laughs.

I've got nothing morally against gore either. I had a challenging experience watching Jaws in the theaters when I was 9 and have always been a bit sensitive since, especially to relatively realistic or surgical stuff.

I've been watching The Walking Dead and able to handle it (even the bloody season 2 finale), but I don't care much about the characters so it feels kind of cartoonish. There's a scene in "The Attic" episode of Dollhouse that got under my skin (so to speak) but wasn't too much for me to handle (the character only appeared in that episode).

And thank you redeem147, this is good news. I'm encouraged by everyone's comments to see it, but maybe I'll wait until it comes out on DVD to better control my experience.

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...oh, and the opening scene in "Sanguinarium" (X-Files, S04, E06) really bothered me. Couldn't watch the rest of the episode.
I also have issues with gore, and this description sorta unnerves me, but I'm going to see it, anyway. It may be the only Joss work I *don't* buy the DVD for, though.
It's weird that I can easily handle any amount of gore in a movie/tv show - no matter how bad it is. But when I visit someone in the hospital and I see the nurse just change their IV and a little blood comes out, I get lightheaded. I'll probably make up for all the people who don't see this because of the gore though, because I plan on seeing it multiple times.

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