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January 30 2004

Anonymous Rex is a new show coming to the Sci-Fi channel described as a mix of X-Files and Buffy. Based on the Rex novels. (Registration required.)

Just the highlight ...

Garcia's "Rex" comedic mystery novels center on Vincent Rubio, a high-tech private investigator who, along with hundreds of others on Earth, are in fact dinosaurs (in his case, Velociraptor). They never became extinct. Instead, they have evolved to be 6 feet tall and have integrated themselves into modern society by disguising themselves with human-looking latex costumes.

David Madden, Fox TV Studios executive vp movies and miniseries, used another analogy. "It is halfway between 'X-Files' on the dark series end and 'Buffy' on the more tongue-in-cheek end," he said.

An extremely tenuous connection in an article which we have to be subscribers to read? Can't we do better than that?

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Sorry, unreality, I deleted two of RavenU's posts today, I let this one go.

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