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March 20 2012

Buffy is pitted against Mad Men in Vulture's Drama Derby! Go vote before it's too late! (DISCLAIMER: The voting involves commenting on Vulture's Facebook page)

I believe the tournament is decided by the writers. And Buffy just lost to Mad Men.
Yeah,Mad Men is winning, I guess it's more the kind of show the website likes.
Buffy lost. The review was terrible and there are some Buffy haters posting comments at the bottom of the page. Everyone should go to the Vulture page and post comments in support of the REAL Best Television Drama of the Past 25 Years! It is time to represent, people!
Is the poll over already? The Buffy Facebook Page just posted a link to it and it looks like tons of Buffy fans finally turned up.
Yeah, I was surprised to see Buffy lose but that was because the Mad Men Facebook Page posted the link first, so all the fans voted Mad Men.
But Buffy's back with a vengeance !

This is kind of silly, but it would still be nice to see the show win.
I just noticed the poll via a friend and right now, its all Buffy. We'll see. Remember, this is very important! ;)
There were two contests. An official one on the Vulture homepage, and unofficial one on Facebook. The official contest had selected writers comparing the two shows in an essay and picking the best. The winner would then go on to another round with another winner until only one was left. Buffy lost the essay contest.
I much prefer Buffy and I think there's a good argument to be made that it's the better show, but I don't think it's a travesty MM won. Probably the richest, most complex show on TV right now.
I read the review. I've never seen an episode of Mad Men. I'm looking forward to watching it eventually, but for now, I was just wondering... Would Mad Men be able to be the show it is if it was on a regular network? All the things that the review sited as making Mad Men the superior show, seemed to me to be the result of it being on a cable network: no MOTW type episodes, less fat in a season, and "patient plotting." I know a lot of what we saw on Buffy was due to it being on commercial networks.

I really didn't understand the reviewer's praise of Mad Men's ability to "write beloved characters off the show." Oz? Joyce? Tara? A lot of BtVS viewers really liked them, that's for sure. And to cite BtVS as somehow being "weak" because it didn't definitively kill off the show's namesake, seems weird to me. It's not like Buffy Summers is The Phantom or Robin and easily replaced by another...
Not gonna choose. Too different and both too awesome. And choosing would be unfair to Danny Strong. ;)
BreathesStory: I've seen three seasons of Mad Men and I agree with everything you say. Also, I gradually lost interest over the seasons, and I think that is precisely because for me there are no "beloved" characters in Mad Men. Well portrayed for sure, but I don't root for them and I'm not particularly interested in where they are going or whether they die or not. Mad Men is more like a beautiful scenery than a moving drama, in strong contrast to what I love about Buffy. But I guess that's just me...
@OldSwede : I completely agree. Mad Men is beautifully made, and beautifully acted, but I didn't manage to care enough about the characters to come back every week. That's why I stopped watching at the beginning of season 4, but I hear it's one the best, so I should try to pick up where I left off.
The best show on TV deserves all its accolades - but I'm hard pressed to comparing it to Buffy currently. I think so far, Mad Men has been far more consistent in quality than Buffy was into its fifth season, but only time will tell if that continues for the show. This 'argument' should have been reserved for when it has finished its run.

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