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March 20 2012

Anthony Head replaces Pierce Brosnan. Not as James Bond, but as Chiron in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters.

If ASH were really Bond, I would need the electric paddles of resuscitation - mrowr!
ASH and Fillion in the same project, huh? Wonder if they'll get any screen time together.
Yeah, that's what I thought, Fillion and ASH, oh please let them interact. Please.
This makes for one happy fangirl.
I have never heard of this (is it a movie?) but now I'm officially excited about it!

Movie based on a book. I've only read the first book of the series, but it was great.

So I'm very happy about this!!!
Fillion and Head, together. It's a shame their characters didn't interact when Fillion did his bit in Buffy S7, but hopefully this will rectify that.
Hrm, I'm curious why they're recasting the bit parts in the sequel. Is it a tonal, budget, or availability thing? Or are these even bit parts? The plot description suggests that the Brosnan/Head character was like a mentor of sorts and it slipped my mind to go back and watch the first film.
@ orangewaxlion: It could very well be availability issues, since Fox fast-tracked the thing. And after reading the plot description for the second book, it appears that Fillion's role is a bit player (unless they expanded his role in the film) and Chiron doesn't interact with Hermes.
For some reason I am highly amused by the prospect of Tony playing a centaur. Guess I'll have to see the first movie so I know what's going on.
ASH and Fillion in the same project, huh? Wonder if they'll get any screen time together.

They didn't in that Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place episode. Be nice to see it happen in this movie.
Chiron is the Giles of the series, which means that he is important, but not necessarily continously present in book two, as far as I remember. Hermes is a smaller character, but quirky.

Plus -- Nathan Fillion as a god -- oh yeah.

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First Dawn was a centaur, now Giles too?
And anca just took the words out of my fingers.
Oh dear, how long will it take for fandom to come up with centaur fic...

*needs bleach*

*needs bleach too*
Well at least he'd be the centaur of attention.
Did anyone else just picture the 'Dove from Above' tumbleweed joke from Shooting Stars?

Sorry, Simon! ;)
Caroline Actually, I had an idea last night when I first read the article, which would have had Buffy falling asleep while studying Greek mythology and dreaming all her friends in those roles, but when a little voice in the back of my head suggested someone would ride on Giles...I quickly ran away.

Although that could be an interesting story, if handled properly, especially if written by someone well-versed in the mythology. Joyce as Hera, Giles as Chiron, Cordelia as Medusa...
Wow. I didn't catch the first film, but it seemed like Pierce Brosnan was very prominent in the trailers. Congrats to ASH and here's hoping his role in this is as big as those ads for the first would make it seem!
Well, if the producer of the "Percy" sequel are so rabid as hiring Whedon alumni, they might as well hire Summer Glau or Amy Acker.

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