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March 21 2012

Win a holiday to a Cabin in the Woods. The TV advertising campaign kicked off in the US and UK on Friday. In the UK they're running a several minute advert giving away a holiday to Sweden.

To Sweden? Welcome, guys!
Cool all entered in, fingers and toes crossed!
I saw the trailer for the first time (on TV) last night while watching Ringer. And shortly after that I saw Aly's Head & Shoulders commercial. I was a happy little Whedonite.
Holiday to Sweden? Wow, I'd love to go there.
Oh wait, I live in Sweden. Wait...what's so special about this place?
I wonder if Joss has ever gone to Sweden...I feel like it'd make for at least an amusing limerick.
Entered. I've always wanted to stay in a cube made out of mirrors.
People can win a trip to Sweden as a promotion to "cabin in the woods". But those of us in Sweden don't get a theatrical release.
Could people in Sweden come up with a "sweded" version of Cabin in the Woods? Maybe, but they should get the real thing, and soon.
If they had a US verson of that contest, though, they'd probably have the prize be a trip to a cabin in Oregon or maybe Maine...and yes, it might be close to Grimm-land and Storybrooke.
A trip to Sweden.. As a person living in Finland it's not really that exotic. Why not Norway.. Because of Chris Hemsworth being Thor and all. It would've been funny and ironic.

Well at least we in Finland get a theatrical release.. Weird if Swedes really don't get one. 'Cos Finland's like the inbreed step-cousin of Sweden.
AND YES! I WILL BASK IN GLORY IF THAT TRULY HAPPENS! I love you swedish people, but you've got a princess. We've got a.. um.. CABIN IN THE WOODS!
Don't know what acidflash is talking about. There will be a Swedish theatrical release sometime this spring, distributed by Noble Entertainment. They say as much on their website :)
I saw a tv spot for the movie during The Walking Dead finale. It seemed way more spoilerish than the trailer I saw.

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Is the holiday at a Cabin in the Swedish Woods? ;)
there once was a man named Joss Whedon
who was a wizard with the cold lead in
now Cabin in the Wood;
reviews are looking good,
plus win a trip to Sweden!

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I saw the TV spot over the weekend--what a surprise--and a smile instantly crossed my face in anticipation of the film.
When I logged on & saw jaxn's comment, I wondered who would have already written a limerick before I posted mine?

And the answer was aphasia - nice work!

Here's (the inevitable) effort from me:

Sweden is cool, and it's nippy.
The land of surströmming & Pippi.
It's got mirrored hotels,
And horrors in dells,
And its cabins are apt to be slippy.
Mine was started before PAAATE's confirmation of a Swedish theatrical release. So I wasn't going to post it after I saw it rendered kinda moot...but what the hey:

The film by Goddard and Whedon,
Our wait to see it: an eon.
There's a trip with a mate?
Well sure, yeah, that's great.
But when's the show dates for Sweden?

Also, that is really stretching the concept of "cabin," IMO. It's mirrored. But... I guess it is in the woods, I'll give it that. However, if one is gonna have a cabin vacation in Sweden, shouldn't there at least be a sauna involved? Sheesh. Cuz otherwise, there's a lot of beautiful forests right here in the U.S. with plenty of actual, cabin-y like cabins for your relaxing pleasure - made out of actual wood. ;-)

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