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March 21 2012

Stan Lee: "The Avengers cameo [...] is possibly one of my best". Stan Lee discusses his upcoming Marvel cameos.

Stan Lee rocks
Indeed he does.
Oh my oh my what a quote. I am going to have to keep my head down and focus on one week of the Spring of Whedon at a time. These tidbits are almost too much.
Now I'm imagining the Avenger's trailers, where Fury is assembling the team (that could fight the battles no one else could), but the team members are Stan Lee cameos from the different movies.
Am I the only person who really doesn't enjoy the Stan Lee cameos? They always seem really forced to me.
I'm there with you, BobReturns. I'm not a fan of them.
Considering we're talking superhero movies and not Shakespeare adaptations, I'm OK with them. Maybe having grown up with the comics and his voiceovers on Spiderfriends and whatnot, I have a soft spot for them. Still bitter Kevin Smith got to be in Daredevil just because he wrote a few issues...still bitter about Daredevil in general, come to think of it.
They are like Hitchcock sightings in his movies -- inside jokes that tickle my fancy. I like that Lee's cameos are getting funnier!
Exactly, dottikin! If it was good enough for Hitchcock then it is good enough for Marvel superhero movies... I think it is a great way to give a nod to a really legendary comic book creator. And frankly I don't think most of the audience has a clue.
I love Stan Lee. All movies should have a Stan Lee cameo. Also, how about more Bruce Campbell cameos?
List of Stan Lee cameos in Marvel films. I doubt many people notice him in the films although it would be funny if theres some guy or old lady somewhere saying "Hey! There goes that guy again! I know I've seen him SOMEWHERE before!"
I have to agree with BobReturns and cryidel. I get why they put them there and I certainly don't begrudge the fanboy "nudge-nudge wink-wink". But I'm not a big fan of them. But then again Stan kinda rubs me the wrong way so that could have something to do with it. I mean I loved Joss's Numfar cameo :D
What a fine fellow, that Mr. Lee
Just wait until it's revealed that all the Stan Lee cameos were actually different Skrull infiltrators...
I'm going with a longshot prediction that the huge spaceship chasing down Iron Man in the trailer hovers over the team and the front panel will slowly open to reveal Stan at the helm, smiling and waving in the cockpit. A subtle cameo.

And Ciella, not to stoke any fires but what rubs you the wrong way about Stan? Is it the Ditko thing?
@Alexreager: Well since I don't know the guy personally, all of this is based on speculation and assumption, so please feel free to dismiss it. But he seems to me to be a bit sexist and more than a bit egotistical.

But like I said, I totally get why people love his cameos. It makes sense for them to be there. For me personally though I feel it takes me out of the movie experience.
To be fair, I'm pretty sure that Alfred Hitchcock was both sexist and egotistical. Just muddying the waters... don't mind me.
Loved his voice work in The Simpsons, hanging round the Comic Book Store and claiming that he did once Hulk out.
I love Stan. More Stan!! He's a national treasure.
I don't mind you at all Embers. Although Hitch was born before the turn of the century and lived three quarters of his life before the 60's. He would have been an aberration to an extent if he wasn't sexist (by today's standards) to a degree. Like my great grandfather, I tend to give a pass when "revolution" occurs when you're in retirement. People don't change that fast. I'm sure my great grand-kids will think I'm a caveman at some point.

I run hot and cold on Stan's cameos. I always loved Campbell's cameos because it was a Raimi bit and Campbell can act. The Lee cameos feel like some contractual obligation. Maybe they'll get better, but like the Wilhelm scream I'd just rather they did without them at the moment. But maybe Joss will turn it around for me.

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I think he's ego is a schtick, and like it. The cameos too, they're so over-the-top, I just love them. They remind me a bit of the Subway product placement in Chuck.

Re: the sexist thing, I'd be interested to see examples of it. Looking at his output, I feel like he created some pretty awesome female characters himself and whenever he talks, he often credits his wife for so much. Seems like a nice guy.

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Excellent point on the female characters, Jaymii. Invisible Woman, Wasp, Black Widow, She-Hulk, and Mary Jane Watson come to mind. Also, when it comes to giving our seniors a pass, let's not forget that Stan is pushing 90.
He's been gracious and funny when I've met him. And he's the biggest cheerleader I know for comics.

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