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January 30 2004

(SPOILER) Hollywood Reporter Angel 100th episode feature. Huge coverage with 4 articles in all covering just about every aspect of the show. "A vampire's search for redemption finds creative legitimacy and network success with 100 groundbreaking episodes."

As "Angel" celebrates its 100th episode, set to air Wednesday, Buffyverse mastermind Joss Whedon finds the milestone particularly sweet.

"It legitimizes this bastard stepchild of 'Buffy,'" jokes Whedon, the show's co-creator and executive producer.

There are a total of 4 articles appearing in THR today regarding Angel.

THR does have a fourms area and registration is free, I have already posted a Thank you to THR for the Angel coverage but if anyone would like to add to it please do.

[ edited by RavenU on 2004-01-30 11:58 ]
RavenU, we have deleted a couple of your links today. One was posted before. One was completely unrelated. I've also reduced the amount of quoting from this article - can you keep it to a single paragraph or so? Just the most interesting quote.

You post a lot of good stuff, but we'd appreciate it if you could be a little more selective. Thanks!
And I touched up your description just to show how big this really is. Brilliant coverage by the Hollywood Reporter and makes a nice change reading it for free. Thanks for the link :).
You know, the WB says all these wonderful things regarding Angel. When are they going to pull their head out of their collective asses and renew it??? They said it themselves...action speaks louder than words...well...take your own advice and put yourselves in action to renew this show with the wonderfully, loyal following!!! NOW!!!! Okay...rant over.
"My favorite 'Buffy' episodes tend to be my own, but not so much with 'Angel,'" Whedon says. "When the thing gets bigger than the person who made it, that's when it becomes art."

God I love this man!

And Yay for Cordy! I miss her! *sniff*

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Nice post electricspacegirl, and prolific and simon I have a request for you. Could you maybe put a new option when posting that has SPOILER or spoiler, with the all upper case letters being the OH MY GOD! stuff or episode descriptions, and the lower case one's being the small stuff that most people already know, or just casting sides and the like. Thank you.
Of course with the online edition, you don't get to see all the congratulatory ads that the cast, crew, fans, etc. placed inside.

And for those of you who live in the So. Cal. area or in other places where this issue is available at newsstands and bookstores, the price is $2.99, and it should be available through the weekend, although I made sure to pick up my copy this (Friday) morning just to make sure I could get one because they could sell out as well.

And has been pointed out before, those of you who want to get a copy for yourself can order it directly from The Hollywood Reporter, or eBay, of course (why am I not surprised that auctions have already been listed there as of 10:45 AM PT?).
You know, if anybody on this website actually watches "Miss Match," there's a pretty big spoiler about Charisma's character in the interview. (Just thought you should know....)
A fantastic article. My guess is Angel is still up in the air because the WB would like to do a package deal with Mutant Enemy and get another Buffyverse show on. Could be wishfull thinking on my part but what else does the WB have going for it now?

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