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March 22 2012

The official Cabin in the Woods website gets a makeover. There's new stuff to discover. Beware of spoilery photos and movie clips.

Yeah stay away from the cast page.
All that flickering and zooming about has given me a headache.
I guess nowadays it's impossible to find a movie website that isn't 100 percent Flash... And yeah, far too much flickering -- I hope the movie doesn't have that ;-).
Finally some news on Amy's character! Only one still though. Agreed, the effects on the site are a little overboard.
I wish the actual cabin was more interactive. That would be fun.

And the flickering gave me a headache too.
Huh, it doesn't work on either my home or work PC. Just get a white page as the Flash doesn't load properly.
Did you try a different browser? I had enormous difficulties with Flash and IE9.
Yeah, it doesn't work on my Internet Explorer 7 box, nor on Firefox 11 here.
That is very cool. Can't wait.

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