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March 22 2012

The Intermission released a 30 min podcast on Joss Whedon. "Let's just talk some Joss".

This is interesting, but I do think they are rewriting history in regard to Dollhouse (blaming it on Eliza, while I do think it was Joss' show and that if there is blame then it is Fox for trying to alter the show). AND these guys haven't watched Buffy (or Angel)!
Of course I'm continuing to listen anyway.
It's interesting and frustrating to listen to people talk so passionately about subjects they don't know all that much about. I found myself wanting to say, "well that's not true" but they speak with such authority that no one else in the group even pauses to question it. Oh well, I guess its good to know other people's perspective on Joss.
Theres alot of revisionist history in this fandom. I can't stand going on some unnamed sites with so many people repeating things that just aren't true.
They need to do a bit of research before they try to talk about Joss. Especially Dollhouse. They just don't understand it. And after they bring up Buffy, i just can't listen anymore.

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I feel it's a bit snobby to dismiss what these guys are saying because they're not rabid Buffy or Dollhouse fans. There are Joss fans of all shapes and sizes and colors. Some love all of it, some love only certain parts of it. You can apply that to just about anything.

Beyond that, I would also argue this episode is worth listening to through completion. Once they get past the talk of Whedon's early TV work (and how much of it they haven't seen), not only do they get into what they have seen (Firefly and his feature film work, namely Twister and Serenity), but it's all about how much they totally love it and why. They talk about what makes Joss such a solid, efficient writer.

I've been listening to these guys for a couple years now. So they've not seen Buffy (except for Eddie, who has seen all of that show and loves it) and didn't care for the few episodes they've seen of Dollhouse. Big deal. A lot of people are in the same boat and that's okay. Personally, I'm still interested in what they have to say.
Oh, I have nothing against the fact that they aren't fans. I don't like that they make judgements and discuss things they don't know about. And I agree that their discussion gets more interesting after the first 7 or 8 minutes.

I never mind when someone doesn't like something, on 3 conditions.
One: They give it a chance
Two: They have actual criticism or reason behind thier dislike
Three: They don't talk as if they're experts on the subject and why it's terrible after only seeing a small portion (or none) of the work.

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Wow, what? Joss didn't know Dollhouse was about slaves until later? And he didn't even create it, it was Eliza's idea she brought to him? I don't have a problem listening to opinions that oppose my own on podcasts - in fact I do it all the time - but this makes me crazy. Get your facts straight and maybe I'll listen to your podcast. I couldn't even get through 4 minutes of it.
Nice guys, but they're wrong about, uhm, things.
I listened to the entire thing, despite how difficult that was. It did get better toward the end - the last 5-6 minutes was actually very interesting. But there was so much before then that was just... wrong. They sounded like politicians - saying things that just weren't true at all as if they were stating absolute facts.

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Very frustrating to hear this. They haven't seen Buffy or Angel and they already dislike the Avengers dunno how they can judge...
When you talk about something for 30 minutes and then put that conversation into the public space so that people everywhere can tune in and hear what you have to say... maybe you want to have a somewhat decent grasp of what you're actually talking about? It's a thought.
I don't get the impression they dislike The Avengers. Quite the opposite, in fact. They seem interested and hopeful, but cautious. I think it's Trey's issues with The Avengers (specifically Nick Fury and Black Widow) being shoe-horned into Iron Man 2 and sold as greatness without having done anything yet to earn that you seem to be mistaking for the entire group writing off the movie, The Avengers.

Also, one of the hosts (Eddie Doty) does state that he's seen all of Buffy and loves it. Furthermore, though the others have not seen Buffy and Angel, at no point do they dismiss it. In fact, the consensus seems to be, "I've not seen it, but I don't doubt I would enjoy it, as it's Joss and I tend to like his work more often than not". The main host (Teague Chrystie) does say here (and has expanded upon it in the past) that he tried the first season and couldn't get into it. Personally, I think that's fair and understandable. It's not as if he said he saw the first season, absolutely hated it and will never watch anymore Buffy ever again.

The episode seems to be mostly positive with regards to Joss and his work. The only thing it's not positive on is Dollhouse, mostly because they're misinformed about it, but folks seem to be fixating on that and blowing it up to encompass the entire 30 minutes.
Doing a Joss podcast without seeing Buffy or Angel is like reviewing a restaurant based on their appetizers and drinks, Firefly and Dollhouse are great but there is SO much more Whedon to experience before they can really say anything about the majority of his work.

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