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March 22 2012

Minecraft creator would like to write Firefly-inspired game. We've seen Serenity created in Minecraft before, but now Markus "Notch" Persson, the creator of Minecraft, has said in an interview with PC Gamer that he'd like to write a game based on inspired by Firefly.

If there's one person that I would trust to hande the creation of a Firefly MMO, it'd be Notch. Mainly because he's great at interacting with the fan community, so us Browncoats would have a shot at getting some input.

Of course, that's not what he's making. But.. references?

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Ha, I kind of dug the first Mass Effect a lot because of just running around the ship!
Upon reading the article, I'm not sure I'd agree with the framing here at Whedonesque that "he'd like to write a game based on Firefly." What I read is that he'd like to make a game that focuses on elements like those focused on during the show's run, like the focus on characters at the margin of dominant society who deal with the grit of life in space on a shoestring and staying in the air.

Caveat: I'm not a gamer, so I could be missing some important context about who he is or how he talks. But as an outsider, I certaintly didn't hear him say, "I want to make a Firefly game" at all. Wouldn't want to get our hopes up, is all, especially when crazy rights negotiations might be involved :)
Personally, I'm just more excited that Notch knows Firefly.
My apologies. I can see now that "a game based on Firefly" gives a wrong impression. I changed the text to reflect that.

It's relevant for the Whedonesque/Firefly community because it is an indirect acknowledgement of Firefly's exceptional position. One can argue about how good Elite really was, but it is usually considered a milestone in the history of video games. And now, a more or less authoritative source (one of the most successful and prominent personalities the gaming community has seen in the last few years) compares Firefly (not Star Trek, not Star Wars, not Stargate Atlantis, not ...) to Elite.

I thought that's noteworthy.
Thanks for that. I think it's damn shiny that someone of his stature respects and admires Firefly enough to comment on it as a template for or representative of his vision, and definitely more than noteworthy enough to be featured here at Whedonesque!

It's probably because I have a specific attachment to the characters depicted in Firefly, and perhaps a more secondary attachment to the 'verse. Thus the distinction between "based on" and "inspired by" just sort of, you know, jumped out of the screen and bit my face off. ;) But I could definitely see the gamers among us (of which there are many, I am sure) getting a kick out of hearing about this for sure.
He's making it, and has already done some development on it (no screenshots yet though). A big feature that I don't think he mentioned in this article is a fully customizable 16 bit computer (that is, when you start out, it won't even have an assembler for code, you'll have to write in machine code, make your own or use someone else's, though it sounds like he'll make sharing easy).

Here's the page

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