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March 22 2012

Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon are on the latest Nerdist Writers podcast. Tami Sagher and Eliza Clark are also featured.

I'm halfway through it because I volunteered to transcribe it. From this site's perspective, there's definitely great J-Mo stuff.
This is really interesting (now here are the people who know ALL about Dollhouse! LOL) and it is really long (I don't envy b!X's task of transcribing it, but everyone who cannot listen to it will bless him!). Writers in particular will find this valuable.
Eliza Clark is, for what it's worth, Zack's fiancée.

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I get really curious about what their original Dollhouse script was about.
Their conversation about Dollhouse is basically the conversation I've been waiting three years for.

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