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March 22 2012

Advance Screening of The Cabin in the Woods at the Atlanta Film Festival. It's the closing night film at the festival on Saturday, March 31st at the Midtown Art Cinema. The entire festival runs from March 23-31st. Day passes can be purchased individually or there are various passes available for certain parts of the festival.

Woohoo! Thanks for posting this :)
See it two weeks early for three times as much...

I'll probably do it!! The wait has been so long...

Just glad to finally see there is a screening in Atlanta, I couldn't believe we were being left out...
We should have a Whedonesque meet up at the film. I'm sure there's lots of us in the city.
I'd love to meet up but I'm doing the Tournees French Film Festival on the same night. I get extra credit for school for attending so I can't bail. :(

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