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March 23 2012

Finalists Revealed for Vulture's Greatest TV Drama Readers' Poll. It's come down to Breaking Bad vs Buffy. You can vote on their Facebook page.

Very cool! As I wrote last time, this was the finale I was hoping for in the critics-judged competition after The West Wing was kicked out of in the first round. Sad to see now that both Buffy and Breaking Bad didn't fare much better in that competition, but at least they made it to the finale of the reader's poll.

My vote's definitely for Buffy, but Breaking Bad is a phenomenal show and a deserving contender for the title as well (even as worthy of a place in the finale as The West Wing, IMO, and I'm a huge Sorkin fan).
I love both shows to insane degrees, but after reading most of the votes I gladly voted for Buffy. Most of the votes for Buffy were people simply expressing their love of the show, while a large amount of BB voters seemed extremely condescending and well...douchey. You could tell most hadn't seen Buffy but quickly resorted to "Buffywhat?loltwilightsucks".
That annoyed me. So sorry Walt, had to go Buffy!

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That is annoying, losthero47, though I would imagine many outside the Buffy/Joss fandom would have similar things to say about us... :p That said, oof. This is a doozy. I think I'll abstain.
It's definitely a tough choice, BB is a much better show when it comes to cinematography, but I still believe Buffy has better characters (I've never been on the verge of years watching BB, I certainly have watching Buffy). So I ultimately decided that was more important to me.
Well, it does make me feel less guilty about voting for Buffy having never seen Breaking Bad. :-\
Wow, I didn't expect Buffy to beat The Wire, but very happy. Pure drama with crit cred loses to quality genre with heart. huh.
I'm watching The Wire now and really like it, but to me the tie-breaker goes to Buffy for one factor: re-watchability. Buffy eps are fun to watch again later; eps of The Wire... not so much.
Wow, that's a tough choice in some ways--a brilliantly subversive feminist show vs. a show that deconstructs the complicated, contradictory ideals of American masculinity.

I still have to go with Buffy, though. Partly because it's more personally meaningful to me, as a woman who grew up in a weird patriarchal subculture. Partly because I love postmodern it is: constantly reinventing itself, subverting its own structure, and changing genres (from comedy to drama to horror and back) within a single episode. I have still never seen another show that plays with structure and genre so gleefully, without ever sacrificing the integrity, the believability, and the human reality of its characters.
The Wire is kind of rewatchable. In so far as you have to watch it two or three times in order to work out what the **** is going on.
That's a Sophie's Choice kind of decision, but despite my fourteen plus years of devotion to BTVS, I have to say with all honesty that Breaking Bad is the most phenomenal show I have ever seen. Stunning in every way...the writing, the acting, the music, the cinematography, even the special effects are superior (just watch Half Measures or Face Off). Will always love BTVS intensely, but boy am I glad I discovered Breaking Bad.

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