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March 23 2012

Want to buy Nathan Fillion a gift for his upcoming birthday? This is what he asked for on Twitter.

Spread the word, and let's make him up his goal, like Felica had to with the Lupus Walk. Everyone's a hero in their own way, and this is how you can be one.

things that are awesome.

Thank you, hammerman.
over 60 million was rasised in the uk last night from sport relief, let's see if the us can better that!
I wish I had piles and piles of money (apparently my cat-burglaring sideline isn't going too well ... !) - Kids Need to Read (awesome charity) and other Fillion groups on Twitter are asking us to donate to KNTR. But if this is what Nathan wants, then that is what I will do.
Did anyone else try to donate but have problems doing it? It told me it couldn't be processed, but wouldn't give me a reason. I even tried creating an account and it didn't help... :o/

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