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January 30 2004

Buffy Cast & Crew Photo, Taken On the Last Day of Filming. See Joss, Marti, Sarah, Nick, Alyson, Emma, Michelle, James, Tony, Danny Strong, Tom Lenk, Juliet Landau, Kristine Sutherland, and Armin Shimerman, among countless others.

I remember a convention appearance where Armin talked about going to this photo shoot, and when he asked Joss why he, Juliet, and Kristine were invited, Joss replied, "Because we love you!"

that's an awesome pic, thanks for sharing!
Thanks! That's lovely. Sniff.
Unfortunately, the server where the original poster placed the photos has had it's hit limit for today. Try again tomorrow, I guess.

The URLs to the photos are:
awwww....we killed it! thanks for the extralinks, bookrats.
Oops! So you know when something's "Slashdotted?" I wonder what we can call what we just did? "Whedonesqued?" has posted a link to a large version of the picture -

That's a very nice pic. I'm glad that the main cast was there. It would've been nicer if David and Charisma were in it too.
Aw, even Joss's baby gets in on the action! So lovely to see all those faces, especially Kristine Sutherland and Armin Shimerman. Lovely, just lovely!
I love how Tony Head is sandwiched right in between Aly and Emma:-)

And to see all that warm California sunshine....
I think that's Marti's baby in the picture. Marti's son is a couple of months older than Joss's, and that kid definitely looks older than 4 months, which is how old the little Whedon would've been when that photo was taken.
Oh, it was hard to tell. I just assumed.
I'm trying to pick out people I recognize. Of all the writers, I think I found all but David Fury. Is he in that picture at all? And is that Marti Noxon next to Joss? It somehow doesn't look like her, but that might just be a peculiarty of this picture.
I'm pretty I recognized Goddard, Espensen, and Kirshner, and maybe Petrie, DeKnight and Drew Greenberg, but I'm less sure about those three.
Anyone figure out who any of the rest of them were, besides the actors?
I picked out all the writers (the writers are in one big clump directly behind Sarah and James). Marti is definitely the woman with the baby next to Joss. I didn't see Fury either.

I could easily find Steve Tartalia, James Marsters's stunt double. He's the only other guy with bleached hair. ;) He's to the right of Drew Goddard, behind a black-haired woman. There are some young women that are probably other stunt people too. I think I might've found Dawn's stunt double in the front-ish area, but I'm not positive. There are a few others that look kind of familiar, but I couldn't quite figure out who they were. Apparently one of the directors, Michael Gershman, is around there somewhere too, but I'm not sure what he looks like.

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I think I found Fury. He's beside the guy in red carrying a kid on the left of the picture.
Did anyone read the Marie Claire article at the smgfan link? I think Sarah is doing something wonderful and no one has mentioned it...I think she gets bashed too often. This article proves that she indeed has a heart.
Coll, that's because more people find it easier to bash than to give praise. :)
Excellent Marie Claire article. From what I understand, Sarah does a lot of charity work, and in my eyes, that makes her a great person. She seems like a really nice person to me.
I plan on buying the Marie Claire issue just to read the article.

And I firmly agree with you guys about the SMG bashing. It's so not fair to her. We don't really know SMG, so why make so many assumptions? Another thing, it must be really really hard to live in the hollywood spotlight. I know I wouldn't be able to handle the scrutiny.

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Oh yeah, now that you mention it, I did notice Steve Tartalia before. The guy in the blue shirt standing behind Jane Espensen, is that Drew Greenberg?
I think I've also picked out John King, the Music Coordinator. If I'm right that it's him, he's the guy in the frontish on the right side of the picture, standing directly to the left of the girl in the red shirt.
I'll admit to occasionally being less than thrilled with SMG, maybe mainly because I once read that she hoped, post-Buffy, to do some serious acting...!

But you are all right about her...she clearly is a decent human being, as apparently are just about all the people in the Jossverse...and I hate to sound all fanboy, but what does that say about Joss? Nothing but good and wonderful things...when I first heard that he'd have the cast over to his house for meals and Shakespeare readings I knew he was the real deal.

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