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March 24 2012

Whedon Month on Facebook. Celebrate the worlds of Joss by changing your profile picture!

Last year, nearly 2000 people changed their profile picture to a character from one of the works of Joss. This year will be even better, with Cabin coming out and Avengers just around the corner.

I started early and put up my FIREFLY pic
Facebook = evil!
@Five Horizons: Exactly! Why does nobody seem to understand this?
ZOMG, a website that lets people communicate with each other for free! I hate facebook! They're destroying America!
I only use my own photo as my profile pic, but luckily I have a lot of photos with Whedonverse actors. :)
Why don't people realize how neurotic/myopic the whole Facebook thing is? I'm assuming it reflects the world view of the people who designed the site? Social ineptitude on a global scale.

If you were going to build the ideal social network that actually acknowledges the way people interact (and misbehave) over time, I'm thinking it wouldn't look much like Facebook.
EddieBruck, if that was all it was then there wouldn't be a problem. Facebook has gone way beyond that now.

During the recent changeover to the timeline profile style, it appears that a number of glitches occured. Don't ask me to explain the technical side of things, I haven't a clue when it comes to that kind of thing. What I do know is that private messages and comments that I had thought deleted long ago had suddenly appeared on my profile again. Now, personally I have nothing to hide and there was nothing there of any real significance, but the point is that I had believed them deleted and yet Facebook clearly had held on to the information. The private messages dated back to almost as early as when I had opened the account, so it wasn't just a recent thing. They were holding information that I had wanted removed a very long time ago. Again, nothing particularly important but that shouldn't matter.

Then there was the small matter of my privacy settings being altered when the timeline profile arrived, making a good deal of the information I only allow my friends to see suddenly public. My e-mail address had never seen so much random spam as it received in the weeks after the settings were altered without my permission.

Sorry for the anti-Facebook rant, I know this isn't really the place for it, but I do think that describing it as nothing more than a "website that lets people communicate with each other for free" is massively understating what Facebook has become, and what it does with the information you put in there. My account is deleted now but if I'd known just how much of an information trap the site was likely to become, I never would have joined. There are far safer and less intrusive ways to keep in touch with family and friends.
Oops, sorry for the extra 'r' in your username, EddieBuck. No idea where that came from! ;)
Well it took me forever to figure out how to change my profile photo (because of the new improved 'timeline' at facebook which really is not user friendly) but I've now replaced my profile photo as my photo of me w/Joss at the WonderCon in Chicago back when he was in the middle of filming Serenity (a hectic weekend for him, a blissful one for me!). I agree that facebook is evil, and will (sooner rather than later) destroy society... but it is the easiest way to reach large numbers of old friends (and various family members) who don't go anywhere else online. I know that my apathy is part of the destruction of society... what can you do (the apathy theme song)?
I have no fb account but someone who does evidently used one of my e-mail addys for his account. I've been getting c**p from them for most of the new year. I send messages anytime the Reply will work, and for a time it seems as if the thing has been quelled but then it pops out again like a gorramn fungus. I need a way to get in touch with fb without using the useless Help feature. Any ideas?
FloralBonnet, believe me when I say, even if you had a Facebook account, getting in touch with an actual person to help you out is nigh on impossible! After all the problems I had with my account I tried many times to get a response from someone who wasn't an automated email reply until I eventually came to realise that nobody was listening. Hence why I eventually chose to delete my account altogether.

All I can suggest is that you try logging into this other person's account with your email address and when it asks if you have forgotten your password, request a reset be sent to you. When you get it, log in and remove your email address from the account yourself. Slightly questionable but this other person shouldn't have used your email anyway and Facebook hasn't offered you an alternative way of having it removed.
Most of this thread is off topic. Let's not do that.
Invited a ton of people, and will definitely be doing it myself. I think I'll settled on a picture of Illyria. :3
I put up a pic of me in front of the Ariel Ambulance. Might switch to the pic of Jewel and me at Dark Con.

And as far as FB goes, I don't put much on it and I check my settings everyday. I've kept my friend base to actual people I know and hang out with. I've had no issues.
Sorry. I am desperate.
I despise facebook. For the life of me, I don't understand what you people see in it. But, to each their own.
Yes, and can we refrain from bitching about services, please? It gets very old, very soon.
Ekk! I'm jumping ship here. Thank goodness I'm a strong swimmer.
I'm in and have my pic already changed to one of Spike ♥ :)

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