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March 24 2012

ABC prepping early renewal for Castle. Michael Ausiello for tvline has learned that ABC is in the verge of renewing a bunch of tv shows, including Castle. The news remains to be confirmed officially though.

Also Once Upon A Time, which Jane Espenson writes for. :)
Not to mention Alan's Suburgatory.
Greys's Anatomy is also on the early renewals lists announced after Summer Glau guest starred in two episodes.
Quite a few people rip Castle...obviously more people watch it than I thought. I honestly think its one of the best shows on TV right now.
My wife likes to tell people I have a big man-crush on Nathan Fillion (and seriously, who doesn't?), and got be season 1 for Christmas and season 2 for Valentine's Day. It is a lot of fun and I love their dynamic, even knowing they'll eventually get together.
Chris Oz, people rip on it? I honestly think there is not one thing I could complain about. Sure, it's highly unbelievable in it's storylines, but I think that's part of the charm.

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