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March 25 2012

Even more promo images from The Avengers. Featuring dramatic poses and Mark Ruffalo smiling.

Which, if any, of the cast will be the first to make it onto the row of pictures at the top of Whedonesque?
Hadn't thought of that. Same for Cabin too. And Much Ado and Inside Your Eyes.

Tom Hiddleston seems to be a huge fan favourite so maybe him?
Well, can't dismiss Chris Hemsworth from the running, since he's able to represent both Cabin in the Woods and The Avengers. And Clark Gregg's got The Avengers and Much Ado About Nothing, so he's got efficiency power too ;D
I'd think that Chris Hemsworth should be considered as he's in two of the movies.
I vote for Renner; he was in Angel too... He is part of the verse.

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I vote Hensworth, love all the others, but he's in the two biggies.
"Wow. Look at those."
I think either Chris Hemsworth or Clark Gregg, for the above reasons. Actually, probably Fran Kranz as well considering he is in Dollhouse, Cabin, AND Much Ado.
Amy Acker, anyone?

Angel, Dollhouse, Cabin, Much Ado.
Honestly, I'd probably do multiple picture banners and just rotate them randomly at this point. Whedon's career is just too broad now and too many people deserve a place on it.

You could just as easily ask, where is Amy Acker of Angel, Dollhouse, Much Ado, and CITW? Or why were Nick, and NPH included when they were really only in one Whedon property? From the current movies, I definitely think Hemsworth and Fran should be added. I think they all deserve to be up there, but there's just not enough space.

My two bits.

Actually, now that I think about it... you have at least 8 major properties you could make a banner for with both cast AND moments and just have something auto-rotate.

So you can use the casts and memorable guest stars of Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, Avengers, CITW, Much Ado, and Dr. Horrible.

That's the funny thing about them, if you showed me a picture of Saffron or Joel Minor I'd get it too.

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Many people seem unhappy with Captain America's new suit and wish that they'd have kept the first one. I think that since so many decades have passed, it only makes sense that his outfit would have become more modern and sleek. I really don't have a problem with the new one but maybe it's because I'm unfamiliar with the comics. What do you guys think?
I'd agree Berenice. I like the first suit better, but it fits a storyline occurring in the 1940's.

I like this suit less, but it does look like something from 2012. Maybe my quibble would be, should the new suit be so earnestly Captain America when every other character almost looks designed to be "cool." Then again, from what Joss has said about his writing for that character, maybe that is perfect for Steve.

I have a soft spot for earnest characters although they tend to be the most reviled by fans these days.
Hemsworth because of those arms.
I actually like the new suit better -- the 1940s version was a dirtied-up revision of the classic suit, and I think the classic suit served straight up is a good thing. But I hate the new helmut, especially in still pictures. It might look better in motion.
I'm itching for the Hulk. You know, he's so green and huge! God should create more angry, green people.

Forgive me, thinking outside the box again! Bad brain!!
If they release any more pictures, people will start putting them together in one giant animated gif and we won't have to go see the film :P

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