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March 25 2012

So what's Buffy's mom really like? Great article about Kristine Sutherland from the writer/producer of her new movie "The Perfect Wedding".

Wow. Just... wow!
I'm pretty sure my heart just went all Grinch-grew-three-sizes reading the bit about steaming the dress.
That's a great story.
I feel the same way nonbeliever93, a great article indeed Simon.
WARNING: Reading this article without tissues can cause blurry vision and labored breathing due to sinus blockage.
That is a nice anecdote. Her helping with cutting the rotisserie chickens for the cast and crew dinner was really nice of her. Steaming the dress was a nice effort on her part. Makes me wish more actors would be as generous and helpful like Kristine was.
A terrific story and an absolutely beautiful idiom. Kristine sounds like perfect mom for a girl who saved the world... a lot.
Its always nice to read these kinds of stories about our 'Verse alums going above and beyond to do the right thing...whether its saving the day by showing up at a convention that was cancelled hours before the doors were set to open or cutting up chicken when it needs to be done. BDH's all of them.
Has anyone ever seen any of Kristine's photographs anywhere?
She has or had, anyway, a website gallery for them - I think they're really good. A cursory search doesn't reveal it, however...

I think I bookmarked it on my home computer... lemme see (much later tonight) if the site is still up...

ETA: Wow, if the gallery is still online, I sure can't find it, and the Wayback Machine says that the server that holds a capture from the last time the link was crawled is down. ("Bummer", it says.)

Somehow I'm under the impression that she does her photography under a different name, but it doesn't appear to be either the one she was born with, or as Kristine Pankow, using her husband's last name, so I'm stymied. Sorry.

I do know she was focusing on portraits, and many of them were in a lovely saturated black & white, but beyond that, I'm clueless.

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Ta-da! Found Kristine's photo gallery here using google-fu.

I am persistent, like a terrier clutching on to your pantleg with her teeth. ; ] It has been said.

They are now all 100% color shots; some of her lush Italian landscapes are like paintings - and you can smell the food and greenery.

Your google-fu is very strong.

Thanks for the find!

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