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March 26 2012

Behind the scenes video from 'The Avengers'. There's some clips of Joss on set and there's prizes to be won. In related coverage, Disney has released some Fun Facts about the shooting of the movie.

The link to the video just takes me to an Avengers banner ad sponsored by Symantec Norton antivirus. Can't seem to get anywhere else no matter how I change the URL. I was able to find the video elsewhere, the video is hosted on Youtube.

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How odd, it was fine an hour ago. Anyhow thanks for the alert, I've changed the link.
Interesting "Fun Fact" given the discussion on the "Is Hawkeye from The Avengers the world's worst archer?" thread:

To play expert archer Hawkeye, Jeremy Renner received training from Olympic archers on how to use a bow properly. He learned the basics of archery as well as the proper positions, but one of the most difficult tasks Renner had to master was the consistency he had to employ in drawing back the bow, which is difficult to do when drawing back fast.

I didn't know what to make of those pictures and analysis then and definitely not feeling enlightened now. Maybe someone who actually knows about archery has an idea?
Wow, my dad works in Worthington,PA and is only a few miles from my childhood home. If Joss was there I would have been so bummed to have missed it, but kind of glad to learn it was second unit in the sticky, stinky mushroom mines. Still cool.

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I saw that too BreathesStory. What I make of it is that there is a practical difference between taking a leisurely 30 seconds to nock an arrow, aim, and fire at a stationary target Olympic style and shooting an arrow in the midst of a raging battle. If he were a perfect archer before they started filming, maybe it wouldn't have been an issue. But I can see where even if someone told you the right way to do it, the sheer speed would cause problems.

When it came to archery in battle, the last real (effective) use of it in the modern world were the Comanche because they could reload and fire extremely quickly which made them more effective until the invention of repeating firearms. Which is a long way of saying, archery as taught today maximizes accuracy whereas I have no idea what the best form that maximizes speed and accuracy is (because I'll bet it's different.)

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As a former archer I can say that for me speed was the hardest thing to learn. Something about the arrow-string-bow geometry seems to invite getting all tangly. I've heard the "10,000 hours of doing it" phrase a lot lately and believe that it might be appropriately applied to mastery of speed-shooting with the bow.

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