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March 26 2012

(SPOILER) Preview for Buffy Season 9 #8. Does it shed any light on last issue's bombshell? There's only one way to find out.

Is it just me or does everyone look purple on that first page?
It's just you that looks purple. (No, it isn't; they do.)
Maybe it's that way because it's being told from a certain someone's pov?
Jelly: Yup, a light Count von Count sort of hue.
It's gonna take some time to get used to not having Jeanty and his gorgeous art around... At first I couldn't even tell if that non-Xander guy (read: guy without eyepatch) was Dowling or a random character.

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Love that Dawn actually looks like a grown up in this issue. In late season 8, she truly looked like "a little girl".

But why would Dawn be suprised zompires drained Miranda? I mean, they feed on blood. Right?

Semms weird to ask, in such a detached way too.
Dawn's a robot, too? ;-)
Wonder when in the issue these pages take place.

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Dawn's a robot, too?

Yep, the new improved Mecha!Dawn (last seen in Tokyo). Notice how the preview only shows her from the waist up - so you can't see the tail!
But why would Dawn be suprised zompires drained Miranda? I mean, they feed on blood. Right?

Don't they usually drink some blood and drop the person faster than you'd expect? Like a monster mic drop. I am too punk rock for Sunny-D.
I think they are trying to establish that Xander and Dawn are shining to the idea that she was turned and that Dowling hadn't.

Of course, it begs the question of, logistically, how Dowling found her in the first place. Last we saw, he was on the ship, or at least was told to get on it, Buffy and Spike were talking about their feelings, then the thing happened, and there were still zomps around. How do we get to Dowling having been off the ship, apparently finding Cheung with no further zomp problems but without anyone (like for instance Buffy or Spike) there to point out the siring possibility)? Inattention to plot details. the three preview pages. From an issue we haven't even gotten to yet.
Yep, not too early to talk about it since there's a more or less nonexistent chance we're going to actually see, let alone be told in detail, how Dowling spent the rest of the time between Buffy rescuing him and him showing up at Xander and Dawn's place.
These preview pages always leave me wondering:

Who in god's name are the preview pages for?!

It's not like anyone here who regularly buys the BtvS comic is gonna sit this one out, and it's not like there's anything in those preview pages that's going to convince anyone else to go Hey, Let's Pick This One Up Why Not Ya Dig...

So if you're the intended audience (As TLP says, 'If you're reading it, it's for you'), why are you reading?

I can't help feeling that the kind of speculation these teasers prompt is the lame kind, the now-I-want-to-buy kind, instead of the hey-that's-a-neat-idea kind.
Well, that answers my question at least.

Who in god's name are the preview pages for?!

If they don't release preview pages, fans will then wonder why Dark Horse aren't revealing anything about the issue. I swear that happened at least once during Season 8.
Status: Still trying to understand what was last issue, and bloody happy to see Cliff Richards back to BtVS.
They're also a nice bit of promotion since they can't really release trailers like a TV show would. I never used to read them, but since I've started I don't think I've been spoiled anything at all. Still a lot of an issue left.
More, please

(nerds complaining)

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